Essays on My Fourth Weekly Report for my internship with ExxonMobil Qatar Essay

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A Report on my Internship at Exxon Mobil Report No. 4: From Sunday 13/07 to Thursday 17/07 Part training completed The report details my activities during the fourth week of the internship in Exxon Mobil Qatar at the GREF department. The week’s activities started on 13th and ended on the 17th of July. Under the same supervisor assigned to me, Katherine Javier, I worked in the Information Management Services (IMS) department. The week gave me a good opportunity to learn and practice more on information management. Four main areas of the training were completed that week.

The first area was that I trained Exxon Mobil employees and other new contractors. The training was about “controls for the new contractors. ” I held five such similar sessions in the one-week period. The training was a special opportunity as I was the first intern to provide such training. The second area of training was on the presentation of my research that concerned of shared disk (LAN) and SharePoint and the opportunities that Exxon Mobil could get if it were to use SharePoint. I invited all heads and supervisors to attend and convinced them on the advantages and the need to shift to SharePoint.

The third area pertained the use of Web Bar page to search and review all the items and property owned by GREF employees. I met GREF managers to update them on the review results. The fourth area of training was on Exxon Mobil controls framework. The framework includes areas such as corporate policies, corporate assets, business ethics, compliance checks, and social media guidance. The training gave an understanding of the responsibilities of all employees.

Part 2: new learned skills During the fourth week, I learnt new and improved on various skills. One of the most crucial skills was associated with the modification of the new RBA matrix folder that is an administration folder. An administrative assistance keeps check of the folder and regulates who accesses it because it contains sensitive information about the company. I also learnt on how to update attendance records on the drive with the help from P&O advisors. Another new skill was on how to check the final system list of employees’ performance and to carry out the necessary modifications.

Lastly, I learnt how to complete the EUC form for building services. The form details the spare part inventory and its handing over to the IFM. Part 3: Trouble Shooting Problems Problems encountered Solution Interpretation and understanding of some of IT terms particularly those associated with management systems My supervisor and other workers could help me in understanding them and how each is used in IMS The staff members of the IMS department were usually busy because of the various tasks placed under the department When they were busy, including my mentor, I used the free time to read on management systems.

I, therefore, used every moment at the department accordingly. The computers were programmed differently from those used at school I sought help from a colleague who guided me on the basics of using the computers There was occasional system failure, particularly with no or slow internet connections I would use backup data and information until when the system normalized Part 4: Field Supervisor’s Feedback Compliment Criticism/suggestion Intelligent: used to document everything to the supervisor or employees by email without any training Engage in learning to understand the meaning of the different terms used in Information Management Systems The overall performance was excellent and above expectations Practice and research are needed to perfect on the analytical and logical skills of management systems Motivated and willing to learn and it will help achieve objectives Never to undermine the nature of any task and consult others for assistance to avoid errors Part 5: Work Environment Assessment Merits Demerits Employees work confidentially while supporting each other.

Support in difficult situations is provided by the experts The air condition in the office is compromised because of dependence on air conditions.

Airborne diseases may circulate The working environment is interactive and provides exposure to other departments within the company There are strains and stress because of the many tasks that need to be completed within short deadlines The employees are efficient and competent because they adhere to the organization’s standards Learning is difficult because of the many and different tasks assigned to the interns Part 6: Personal Contributions During the fourth week of the attachment in the information Management Department, I made various contributions.

I assisted the staff to provide overviews and update the daily work attendance records of all employees. I completed the EUC form that details building services and demonstrates that spare parts are delivered to IFM. I also modified the RBA matrix together with other administrative assistants. Finally, I helped train new contractors and Exxon Mobil employees on the controls for new contactors. Part 7: Summary My fourth week at Exxon Mobil was useful because I got more understanding on practices and in-depth information concerning the information management systems.

I achieved various tasks that were assigned to me such as updating records, training employees, and modifications of the RBA matrix. I acquired pertinent information particularly by employing IT and lingual knowledge to improve my skills in IT and communication. Despite having some challenges, support was always provided by staff members to facilitate my learning process. Finally, my mentor congratulated me for being intelligent and having an excellent performance in my duties.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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