Essays on My Spiritual Gift Coursework

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My Spiritual Gift It has been said that every human being is blessed with unique gifts. I too have been blessed with a ministering spiritual gift. I started developing interest in church at a very tender age of about seven. I never knew where I was heading to nor what I really wanted in church but I realized that I really loved it. Some years later I became so active, always trying to serve the church through various activities like joining choir and doing some voluntary work. One day when I was just sitting while listening to a gospel program in the radio, I heard of some interesting verse from the book of Luke.

The verse was read so fast that I couldn’t get the exact words. So I grabbed my bible to check the out the verse. The main reason that made me want to find this chapter is because I wondered how the Holly Spirit can make someone to serve the poor. Through my trying to find the exact verse, I gained interest in the Bible and before I knew it I was reading the whole book of Luke, chapter by chapter. When I got this chapter, Luke 4:18 to be exact, I felt something strange touch me.

The service to the poor I had thought of was not exact, but it said preaching to the poor. This day was on a Saturday and I felt some strong urge to share it with my pastor on Sunday, the following day. That is when my pastor informed me that may be God has given me that gift of ministering, and he encouraged me to try preaching.

My first attempt was not very moving and I got discouraged but I never gave up. As we speak today, I am a youth pastor at my church. In conclusion, with this gift I have helped people convert from their sinful ways and therefore I am helping build the society and above all, I am bringing people to God.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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