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OBITUARY FOR STEVE ANTHONY BAUMAN Obituary for Steve Anthony Bauman Celebration of a life well lived Source: http www. puppiesandflowers. comSteve Anthony Bauman28 August, 1966 – 20 December 2056Defiance County - Steve Anthony Bauman, 1990, peacefully and untimely passed on, on Wednesday 20, 2056 at the Presbyterian Hospital New York after a brief illness. He lives with his son John James Bauman, 48; his daughter-in-law, Helena James and his grandchildren Sean James, Steve James, and Clare James. Steve Anthony Bauman was born and raised in Defiance; he was the son of Sean Bauman James and Pauline Lindsey James.

He was a lifelong residence of Defiance. In his early years, Steve Anthony Bauman would help his father in his garage, Bauman mechanics. After graduating from Blue State Mountain High School 1982, Bauman was admitted to Clark University, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Psychology in 1986. Later that year, Steve Anthony Bauman got recruited to the Military Academy as a cadet, where he later, 1989, graduated and was admitted as a member of the Military Corps. Bauman met his wife Helena Bauman in a wedding ceremony at a local church and later, in 1996, they were joined in a holy matrimony.

Steve Bauman served his country selflessly in the Army in various positions until in 2006, when he was promoted to a Sergeant. He was later elevated to the rank of Major, a position he humbly and diligently held until when he retired in 2010, after a 21 years selfless service to his country in the military. In 2013, Steve Bauman founded and started Steve Bauman and Associates, a Forensic Psychology firm in Defiance.

Steve Bauman did not only take pride in his business, but sincerely relished those friends and colleagues that he made during this period. Over the years, Bauman’s expertise, experience and reputation in Forensic Psychology made him to be recognized and consulted by the FBI, in some of their major cases. Mr. Bauman had a passion for animals, something he dearly took pride in and was an avid dog trainer in Defiance. He enrolled his award winning British Bull dogs into dog shows; this earned him several prestigious awards and ribbons. Bauman was also a passionate golfer and was an adored and well respected, renowned member of the Defiance Golf Club and the Pinehurst Country Club.

He was a member of the board of directors for the Defiance Golf club, and his forensic psychology firm, Steve Bauman and Associate. A funeral Service was held December 22 from Star Funeral Home of Defiance, with a private burial.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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