Essays on Obtaining a Masters in Real Estate and Urban Analysis from UF Essay

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During my lifetime I have been a very dedicated that has taken advantage of my education to pursue my interest in business and real e Istarted my educational path at Miami Dade College where I completed an Associate’s Degree in Psychology. My studies in psychology helped understand human behavior which I have used on many occasions in my present job as an entrepreneur in a real estate business. I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance in 2003 with high honors and in 2008 I completed a Master’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Virginia.

I am very interested at this point in my life in pursuing a Master of Science in Real Estate at the University of Florida. My application is extremely competitive as I enjoy a competitive advantage over the majority of applicants due to the fact that I have successfully completed a graduate degree program in the past. When I studied my graduate degree at the University of Virginia I expanded my critical thinking, analytical abilities, and interpersonal skills. These skills have helped me a lot as a professional and they will help me as a future student at the University of Florida improve my chances of success in the Master of Science in Real Estate graduate program.

My job experience is a strong aspect of my application as I have hands on experience in the real estate field. I currently own a startup company that specializes in real estate investments conducting valuation analysis, rehabs and lease options for individuals that need a roof, but are not approved for a loan because of their credit ratings among other factors.

I have worked as an accountant in a big firm which sharpened my financial analytical skills as well as developing my abilities to deal with clients. In 2009 I switched careers and obtained a job with Tyco International working for ADT Security Services as a Sr. Financial Analyst providing support for the marketing department. This job has helped obtain exposure to analysis a wide variety of investment products. I have always been a fanatic of the real estate industry. I have read almost every book available in real estate and I am a big fan of Jorge Perez.

Mr. Perez is a Cuban immigrant who developed over 60,000 condominiums and apartments in his professional career. I also join a private real estate investment club with five investors to rehab properties in Dade County, Florida. As a Latino of Cuban heritage I am a bilingual person who fluently speaks English and Spanish. Knowing Spanish is a great attribute in the real estate business since over 16% of the US population speaks Spanish. As a business owner of a real estate related venture I am a person that will tremendously benefit from the knowledge acquired by undergoing the educational training provided by a Master’s of Science in Real State.

The University of Florida is one of the top schools in the state of Florida with a world class faculty and diverse student body. I know that this degree will enhance my knowledge in the real estate industry. I will be able to run my company more effectively as my ability to recognize investment opportunities in the industry is going to be enhanced.

Completing this degree will help me expand my business and increase its profitability, while at the same time generating more jobs for the community. I have always believed in the importance of having strong family values. Success runs in my family as my sister, Meirelys Rodriguez, graduated from medical school with a specialization in family medicine. She is an inspiration to me. As I look forward to improving myself professionally I am targeting the University of Florida Master of Science in Real Estate because this program will improve my knowledge, skills, and capabilities in order to became an expert in real estate which an academic discipline that I am very passionate about.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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