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MARKET ANALYSIS FOR ONLINE GAMINGINTRODUCTIONCommunication is a vital part of life. Words are not enough to describe and enumerate the benefits that we can derive from communicating. The forms, the kinds, and/or the classifications of communication are continuously reinventing itself to comply with the needs of the society. Meanwhile, the coming of the new millennium has brought new and more challenging technologies. Different forms of communications such as Internet, mobile phones and SMS, Internet chat or MIRCs, and e-groups penetrated majority of the countries around the world. Communication through computer – generated networks became very visible.

This enables any individual to talk with someone you cannot see in a face-to-face basis, to buy something and have it delivered without having to go out of your home, to research for any information with just one click on the Internet, or to meet new friends. Aside from all the above stated online community, there is one more which is becoming highly prominent and this is the online gaming community. As it is apparent that online communities currently existing is becoming very useful for everyone, there is a great need to understand the benefits that one person can derive if he/she is to build and initiate an online community, more specifically an online gaming community.

Generally, this paper is aimed at studying the different marketing concepts related to networks and communications, as well s the establishment of an online gaming community. Specifically, this study is aimed at: Identifying the advantages and disadvantages that an online gaming community can offer, plus the different aspects to consider in establishing such community Determining whether an online gaming community is really feasible and at the same time a good channel of communication for online gaming enthusiasts. Identifying certain issues and aspects that needs to be addressed in order to come up and eventually maintain a successful online gaming communityREVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURENetworks DefinedNetworks, or networking is the process of formulating linkages to all other subsets or groups.

There are different kinds of networks, among which are social networks, communication networks, computer mediated networks and hyperlinks networks and the academic networks for students and academicians. A. Social NetworksA social network, as defined by sociology is the clear manifestation of the kind of social organization therein.

A Social network is strongly capable of making different social forces present and visible to human eyes. Though, social networks may seem simple and very basic, they are undeniably capable of describing and depicting relationships and interactions hence, providing a micro-foundation of sociology (Cook, 2001). In addition, social interaction could successfully bring about common understanding. Seemingly, there are invisible nodes connecting individuals as they inform and influence others. The distribution of linkages between social interactions is represented by the cultural differences which made it hard to transfer and/or transmit ideas and attitudes.

While in small-scale contexts, symbolic interactionism tries to consider the experience of individuals and groups (Cook, 2001). All in all, with people’s continuous interaction and sharing of information, a group of social networks has formed. Group of individuals such as employees talking to their co-worker, students to their classmates or instructors, or community members to their kind usually engaged in different discussions, recommending best practices or sharing common interests. In this process, relationships in between are formed – and this does not necessarily pertains to those who improves their productivity in doing so, but who improve their being as a whole (http: //www. google. com. ph/search? q=cache: IebR0uaDeskJ: www. verity. com/pdf/white_papers/MK0392b_SocialNetworks_WP. pdf+social+networks+-+defined& hl=en& ie=UTF-8, 2004).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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