Essays on Operations Management of Hard Rock Caf Research Paper

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Operations Management of Hard Rock Café 1. The ten important decisions of Operations management are applied at Hard Rock Café in the following ways: I. Service and product design Hardrock Café has given prime attention to this decision. What started as a pub has now grown into a full blown recreation hub which includes cafes, hotels, casinos, music ventures and so on. In Hardrock café, there is a constant change in products and services as per the changing trends. The range of items varies from classic to high-end. II. Quality Management Hardrock carries out surveys for evaluating food quality.

The quality on various aspects is ranked from 1 to 7 and any score less than 7 is unacceptable. III. Process and capacity Design Hardrock has done capacity scheduling to 15 minute intervals in order to cater to changing demand and seasonality. IV. Location Hardrock generally establishes itself at locations which cater to its target customers. The café mentioned in the case has been opened at a tourist destination. V. Layout Design Hardrock keeps on changing its layouts constantly to attract the customers and meet their changing tastes. It is also redesigning its restaurants to stress on live music VI.

Human Resources and Job Design This is one of the areas where special attention is paid. Hardrock employs people who are passionate for music so that it is line with their café theme. Employees hired are competent and passionate about work. Their work schedules are also maintained efficiently by the café. VII. Supply Chain Management Hardrock has a special attention for customers. It has adapted its entire business to the taste of the customers who are the most important supply chain partners for the café.

Hardrock has also ventured into retail due to rising demand and it has turned into its most revenue yielding area. VIII. Inventory, MRP and JIT Nothing explicit has been mentioned about inventory and MRP. But Hardrock tries to keep employee schedules to only 15 minute intervals to adapt to continuously changing demand and to account for seasonality. IX. Scheduling Hardrock has a very efficient mechanism of 15 minute scheduling which makes its operations quite flexible. X. Maintenance Nothing explicit has been mentioned about maintenance. Hardrock sees that everything in the cafes is dynamic and according to the trends. 2.

The productivity of kitchen staff can be measured using labor productivity measure as the taste and quality of food offered is a sufficient criterion to evaluate them. On the other hand, the productivity of wait staff should be measured by using total factor productivity. A number of factors can be used to evaluate them such as politeness in talking to customer, accuracy in delivering the right food items asked, etiquettes while serving food, responsiveness towards customers etc. The productivity of the entire café can also be measured using total factor productivity which would include product as well as service aspects of quality.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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