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Topic: ORGANIZATIONAL OVERVIEW Hilton hotel Organizational Chart (Head Office) Chief Executive Officer Source Nagel, Para 5). Introduction Hilton Worldwide hotel is well known globally because of its excellent services it provides to customers. It has also proven to be successful compared to other hotels that it competes with. In to understand the organizational overview of Hilton hotel there is a need to analyze the following aspects. Firstly we need to analyze its organizational chart, mission statement, vision statement, strategic plan, customers served, organizational culture. Finally, it is important also to look at its strengths and weaknesses (Nagel, 2012, Para 1). Mission Statement Hilton hotel is known to have three mission statements.

The first was to create experiences that are rewarding to customers. The experience will lead to loyalty that is long-lived to its Family of Brands and spread the warmth and hospitality of Hilton worldwide and drive businesses to the hotel. The hotel’s second mission statement was more business oriented. It is to provide leisure travelers and business accompanied by excellent hospitality products that give a good value for money. While it assures inspiration to employees and a good return to shareholders and owners.

Finally yet importantly, the third most current mission statement shows its global high status. It is to be the leading global hospitality company, the best choice for team members, guests, and owners alike. Equipping the team members with quality and consistent training is important to accomplish this mission (Nagel, 2012, Para 3). To of, Hilton hotel established the Hilton University, which is an online learning institution that is easily accessible to all Hilton employees. The University of programs meant to support the mission that includes the following: · Protecting the worldwide environment · Enriching the family of brands · Serving the communities around · Advancing the design of buildings · Ensuring the engagement of all the employees. · Enhancing the experience of all guests. · Strengthening of partnerships. · Encouraging the improvement of operational efficiency (Nagel, 2012, Para 4). Core values The core values of Hilton hotel were created in an original way since each letter of the word has stands for a value.

It can be seen below; H stands for hospitality-The hotel is committed in providing unique guest experiences. I stand for integrity-The hotel does the right thing at the right time. L stands for leadership-Hilton hotel is a leader. T stands for team work-Hilton hotel works as a team in everything they do. O stands for ownership- The hotel owns its decisions and actions. N stands for now-The Company operates with a sense of discipline and urgency (Nagel, 2012, Para 6). Vision Statement The Vision of Hilton hotel is to make sure that the world is full of its warmth and light of hospitality.

The major understanding of the hotel’s vision is to be the leading luxury hotel for travelers in the entire globe and hence, establishing a Society that embraces individuality in all aspects.

Since it is the most current luxury hotel, it has created a prestigious and proud heritage that portrays an attitude that is contemporary. The offering of unique experiences to travelers gives them an advantage over its competitors (Nagel, 2012, Para 7). Objectives Hilton hotel has various objectives that are critical to its business plan. Its major objectives include; moving the business forward, ensuring that there is a well-balanced scorecard, and making the Hilton brand a perfect one the market.

The hotel has put in place these objectives so as to remain the leading luxury hotel globally (Nagel, 2012, Para 9). Strategic plan The strategic plan is the objective of an organization to improve its development in the long term. It is also the identification of long-term goals of the institution and the wise allocation of resources to accomplish these goals. Strategic plans of Hilton hotel answers certain specific questions. Some of the questions include; which markets need to be targeted and how? Where is the business going to in the long term?

Who are the company’s competitors and how to outdo them? In dealing with these questions, a PESTLE and SWOT analysis need to be considered. Diverse strategies may be utilized such as a corporate and business level strategy (Nagel, 2012, Para 10). Corporate strategy entails the whole scope and purpose of the institution to cater for the needs of both customers and stakeholders. It can also be understood as the mission statement of the company. On the other hand, business level strategy offers the approaches and methods to deal with competitors.

It involves gaining a competitive advantage over other companies doing a similar business (Nagel, 2012, Para 11). Targeted customers The hotel mainly offers accommodations, value, amenities, and services to leisure travelers and businesses. It has expanded globally in terms of travel concepts, technological developments so as to improve the guest experience. The organization has clients on different parts of the globe since it has branches in more than 81 countries (Nagel, 2012, Para 13). Organizational culture According to the Chief Executive Officer of Hilton hotel, there should be someone in a company who should be responsible for starting a cultural revolution.

Hilton hotel has a culture of creating job opportunities of millions of unemployed youth. It also informs people about the industry, prepares them for what to do, and eventually employs them. The company also has a culture for creating opportunities for existing employees such as training and promotions (Nagel, 2012, Para 14). Strength and weaknesses In conclusion, for the success of Hilton hotel it has set up a clear strategy, it also has achievable objectives and vision.

In order to accomplish these objectives, the hotel is conscious about its weakness as well as its strength. Some of its strengths include; they have a team of qualified personnel, who acquire skills from the Hilton University. The other strength is that it has innovative technologies that are a great resource to the hotel. It also has a competitive advantage over its rivals vested in its strategies. The hotel also has some weaknesses that include; the hotel has done little on market research and thus it needs to set aside some money for research.

The other disadvantage is that it only concentrates on the hotel industry which can be dangerous if something bad happens, so it needs to venture into other businesses (Nagel, 2012, Para 16). Work Cited Nagel, J. Culture Building for Hilton Hotels and Resorts. Arnowitz Creative Agency Publishers. 2012.Print.

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