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Outsourcing And The Number Of Jobs Lost Due To It 1) The issue outlined in the article 1 of Ronil Hira is the issue of how the offshoring actually results into the job displacement for the US workers. He highlighted the issue that constant offshoring can make US workers jobless and subsequently acquire low paid jobs thus creating employment issues for US workers. Tim Kane’s article however, highlights that outsourcing may not be the problem because number of jobs lost due to outsourcing are far less than jobs created in US.

According to Kane, it’s the incomplete information available to the politicians that actually results into the outcry against outsourcing phenomenon. 2) Both the articles presented valid arguments backed up by the empirical data and analysis by the authors. It is also however, important to understand that the issues highlighted by Hira are based more on the general sentiments prevailing within the society of America regarding outsourcing and general perception about outsourcing. Kane’s presentation is however, backed up by the relatively plausible arguments duly supported by some data. Kane also provides some data analysis and suggests as to how different myths about outsourcing are not supported by the empirical evidence.

The basic difference between the approaches of the two writers is therefore presentation of data and its analysis. 3) One of the most important aspects of analyzing the article is the credibility of the references used. One of the key criteria to judge the quality of references is as to whether the articles or references used are peer reviewed and appeared in the reputable journals or not. Further, the credibility of the authors of the articles and books also is one of the key areas to look for and determine as to whether the authors and the references used are of reputable and credible nature or not for the purpose of assessing the same. 4) The first step is to express the problem or issue in most effective manner so that the reader actually becomes aware of what the author actually wants to say.

This step also helps to actually further trigger more ideas thus unleashing creativity within the writer. In first article, author has outlined many problems and issues which could be faced by American labor force if outsourcing become common.

The second step however requires further refining of the ideas and issues in order to remove the vagueness and achieve greater clarity. Both steps therefore support each other in creating a balanced and effective writing piece. 5) In order to foster criticism it is important that problem should be analyzed thoroughly in order to establish whether the writer has been able to bring out a genuine problem or issue to be discussed. Secondly, it is important to evaluate the problem and weigh it in order to determine the overall significance of the problem.

Finally, in order to foster criticism it is critical to look into the disadvantages in order to determine as to whether the overall disadvantages are more than the advantages. These three strategies can effectively allow developing effective criticism. 6) The first step involved is the through understanding of the problem in order to refine the solution to the problem. The analysis of the problem and its actual pros and cons therefore is critical first step. The second step involved is the actual construction of the plan which is also the solution based on the overall analysis of the problem.

This would mean that once the problem is fully understood, it is critical to actually develop a solution based on such analysis. Finally, it is important to carry out plan and implement the solution in order to ensure an effective solution to the problem. 7) The irrelevance is one of the key errors which can render the validity of an argument as ineffective. The fallacy of irrelevance therefore may outline the overall ignorance of the writer or may indicate the overall weaknesses in the arguments presented.

The second is overall ambiguity of the expression which can actually hide the actual purpose of the writing and may make it relatively irrelevant to the reader. The last is the overall level of composition and expression which can further make the writing as invalid if the overall level of composition and expression is not strong enough. 8) The first step required a thorough understanding of the problem and how it may be of relevance to the audience or intended readers.

Once it is established, it is critical to ensure that the work and data referred in the article to present the argument is from credible and trustworthy sources in order to make the piece of writing more formal and effective. It is also important to understand that the topic should be free from errors and must not be irrelevant and ambiguous besides its must have relatively better composition and expression. 9) In order to present the ideas on this topic and persuade others it is important that one can use the facts and empirical data besides using effective logic to present the ideas.

The use of credible data supported by well crafted set of arguments based on logic therefore can surely attract the attention of the readers. It is also important that the problems discussed are relevant and must of be interest for the readers so that the readers must understand that the problems and solutions discussed are relevant to them and if implemented can provide relief from the problem faced. 10) The first approach would be to plan the writing or speaking effort so that it becomes clear as to what will be the topic and how the ideas will be chosen and arranged.

This will also require data collection to support the ideas. The second approach to be adapted will include revising and practicing the overall message to be delivered either in the written or speaking form. Lastly, it is important to further refine the arguments in order to make the overall effort more credible and relevant for the audience. Refining the ideas would also mean choosing the best ideas duly supported by data.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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