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The paper "Advertising as One of the Main Concepts of Patchi Shops Business" is a brilliant example of a term paper on category. Advertising is one of the main concepts that are incredible in ensuring that the prosperity and economic worth of products can easily be realized. Advertising is a concept that communicates information regarding a given product and service to potential customers imploring them to purchase and use the products being offered by a given company (Bitner & Booms 35). The important information that should be contained in an advertisement includes the following: - The name of the product, The benefits of the product to the potential customers, and Persuasive information for the potential buyers to woo them into preferring the product to others being provided in the market (Bitner & Booms 75). In a snapshot, the advertisement for the Patchi chocolate shops is aimed at encouraging larger turnover returns for the selling of low-calorie chocolates that have been fronted for introduction in the market. Promotion Strategy The main advertising objective for the new product which is fronted in the Patchi Chocolate shops is to sensitize the customers and give persuasive information to the niche market regarding the new product so as to implore buyers into preferring the new chocolate brand to others offered by our competitors in the market.

In so doing, this objective will be informed by the aim of ensuring that after twenty-eight weeks, Patchi shops’ market share in the market will have increased to be 35 percent. The justification for this objective is that for every business endeavor, the single reason that informs investment is the realization of profits and growth of the market share of the company trading in the product fronted in the market (Borden 155).

This, therefore, means that an advertising strategy should be steered towards ensuring that there is adequate profitability that can be derived from the product and in so doing also ensure that there is adequate market share that the product helps the company to attain in its niche market. For the promotion of the new chocolate brand introduced in the Patchi shops, and for effective promotion strategy, the concept of Marketing Mix will be used where the main elements that will be used for promotion of the product are the five P’ s of the Marketing Mix.

These are: - Product brand and name, Price of the product, and The Promotional approaches preferred (Diane 65). In discussing this, the form of distribution of the product to the market will also be discussed and ventured into. These four elements whose objectives and strategies are given hereinbelow will form the backbone of the entire promotional strategy for Patchi shops and their new brand of chocolate without calories. Strategies for each element of the marketing mix Objectives of the New Product The function of the new product will be such that it meets consumer needs and satisfies them with its convenience and effectiveness.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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