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The paper “ The Appraisal System of the Organization” is a thoughtful example of the research paper on human resources. This research paper looks at the performance appraisal including the factors that contribute to its success or its failure. It also examines the characteristics of performance appraisal and assesses the changes that take place in the appraisal of an organization named X. The research compares the appraisal system of the organization X and what the literature says about the performance appraisal. The aims for the done comparisons are first to find out whether the performance appraisal that is practiced in the organization matches what the literature says and secondly to ascertain the many discussions that have been raised concerning the most effective activities within a performance appraisal system. MethodologyThe methodology for the research is a case study on organization X found in the UAE.

The study involves an experimental analysis of a certain occurrence in real-life situations based on several gathered evidence. The sources of data on this research are both primary and secondary sources, which were preferred so as to achieve uniformity of the obtained results.

The primary data was obtained by conducting an interview where the sergeant of the organization X was interviewed while the secondary data was obtained from the literature on performance appraisal (Crowther & Lancastre 2008). Literature reviewPerformance appraisal is defined by Murphy & Jeanette (2005) as the human resource management method that is used to evaluate the job performance of an employee in terms of quality of work, the cost paid and the amount of time spent in the work. This is done by the manager or the supervisor in charge of the employees.

It is a method that obtains and analyzes information on the net worth of an employee (Raymond 2009). The use of performance appraisals dates back to the Second World War. By then, it was used as simple methods of justifying the income earnings of the employees. That is, in deciding whether the salary or the wagers given to a particular employee is reasonable (Gorden, Zahiruddin & Bjornlund 2005). It was basically founded on material purposes. If the employee was found to be performing less than the salary allocated, the pay would be reduced (Smit 2006).


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