Essays on People's Perception of Marketing Practices and the Ethical Side of Marketing in the UK Research Paper

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The paper “ People’ s Perception of Marketing Practices and the Ethical Side of Marketing in the UK” is a   spectacular version of the research paper on marketing. There have been several efforts in the U. K. to change the unethical behavior of organizations when it comes to doing business especially in marketing their products and services. Several types of researches have been done in this filed related to the perception of the people towards the marketing ethics practices followed by organizations and the results are also different. Some suggesting that advertisement and marketing done by these companies confuse people while others saying that, ethicists mistakenly assume that the marketing actions of organizations to be unethical.

All this research suggests that directly or indirectly almost all organizations are moved by profit-oriented actions and marketing is no exception too. This research primarily deals with knowing perceptions of the people of the U. K. towards the marketing practices and ethical side of the marketing in the U. K. The research uses a questionnaire that contains question items that deal with respondents’ demographics, perceived understanding of marketing ethics and marketing practices in the U. K. For analysis, the factor analysis and descriptive analysis methods are used. The results suggest that the people of United Kingdom perceive that the marketing strategies and ethical side of marketing followed by the organizations are not oriented towards the consumers rather it is more towards increasing top line and bottom line of the business and in doing that, they play with psychology and sentiments of the people with innovative types of advertisements and other marketing strategies. Despite years of effort to change both practice and perception, charges of unethical business procedures and frequent media exposure of such practices continue to undermine the fabric of the U. K.

business. People argue that in UK organizations display act immorality and unethical practice while doing marketing. Advertisements and marketing done by these companies confuse people since they are new and unfamiliar forms of communication discourse. (Hackley, 1999). However, the other perspective of the same discussion says that the ethicists mistakenly characterize organizations’ marketing actions as being `amoral'. This ignores the reality that marketing theory and practice are suffused with the morality of economic self-interest.

This has important implications for whether one can understand the consequences of marketing action as intended or unintended. (Desmond, 2004). In the same context, some researches say that there is a number of factors on ethical perceptions of different-2 countries, culture, and background. (Marta, Heiss, & Lurgio, 2008). All these researches suggest that there is a fundamental incentive behind doing marketing and that is to earn profit and in doing that companies often cross the limits and try to mislead the consumers. These firms play with the psychology of the consumers to represent themselves as the best products and service providers.

And all these practices of organizations have forced the people of the U. K. to change their perceptions towards the marketing ethics followed by these organizations and the educated and much information savvy consumer of the U. K. do not generally get influenced by these emotional stunts of companies. This research primarily focuses on understanding the perception of marketing practices and the ethical side of marketing in the U. K. The research deals extensively with the demographic background of people from the U. K. and their perceptions about the marketing practices by firms in the U. K.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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