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The paper "Performance Management Appraisal" is a delightful example of an essay on management. Performance management is one of the significant tools of human resource management. It is a procedure through which the companies tend to assess the job performance of the employees. It is generally done by the supervisors or the managers of the company. An organization tends to apply the performance management practices with the objective of enhancing the performance of the employees and to attain the objectives that have been set by the organization. Performance management offers direction to an organization so that it can create activities facilitating the development of the employees in the form of training and development programs, change management system and succession planning.

With the help of an organizational model, the overall process of performance management can be understood. The main objective of the performance management in an organization is to gauge the performance of the employees in an organization and to assist them with adequate feedback so that the ineffective performers can enhance their performance. However, there are three specific purposes of performance management such as strategic purpose, administrative purpose as well as developmental purpose.

One of the basic purposes of the performance management system is to support the working activities of the employees with the goals and objectives of the organization. Performance evaluation also takes into consideration the activity of promotion, termination as well as recognition of the employees. By identifying the weak performers and good performers, feedback can be offered to develop the skills and knowledge of the employees. The employees wanting to develop themselves can enhance their productivity with the assistance of developmental activities such as training efforts (ISTDKochi, “ Performance Appraisals” ). It is quite crucial for an organization to create an effective performance appraisal system because an ineffective performance management system will not help the management to identify how the employees are performing.

An organization also needs to consider the corporate culture as well as its values. The evaluator must also possess good knowledge and skills regarding the overall job and the performance assessment methods. There are numerous criteria based upon which the job performance of an employee in an organization is assessed.

These criteria are strategic congruence, reliability, specificity, validity, and acceptability. It can be mentioned that the evaluators take into consideration these five parameters to evaluate how an employee has progressed in the due course of time. Along with the above-mentioned criteria for assessing the performance of the employees, the companies need to take into account numerous approaches such as comparative approach, attribute approach, behavioral approach, result approach, and quality approach. The utilization of the approach may vary according to the type of organization. A few of the organizations may prefer utilizing a comparative approach while others may prefer making use of certain other approaches.

However, it can be stated that whatever be the approach followed by the organization, the companies must take into account that the evaluators are making a fair judgment when assessing the performance of an individual. The reason behind this is that biasness in rating the performance of the employees will de-motivate them and hamper the productivity to a great extent (US Department of the Interior, “ Performance Appraisal Handbook” ).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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