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The paper "Personal Development Planning" is a perfect example of a finance and accounting essay. I am undertaking a personal development planning (PDP) course in order to be able to determine the best actions that I should take in order to succeed in the degree course that I am currently pursuing. My main aim is to use the information gathered through PDP to plan my future career development process. Although I do not have a specific career path in mind right now, I am very optimistic that PDP will enable me to find one. In today’ s world, career opportunities are becoming increasingly unpredictable such that one has to take full control of his future in terms of career choices in order to have higher chances of succeeding.

For me, PDP is about both personal development as well as maintenance of a better understanding of the unpredictability of the job market in whichever career path that I choose in the near future. Through PDP, I hope to be able to carry out a self-appraisal of my abilities and weaknesses both on the educational and personal front.

Having identified the weaknesses and strengths, I hope to understand what I am up to better. I also hope to understand what I have going for me in a more succinct manner. My current role and responsibilities have everything to do with triggering ambition, assessing the ambitions that I can achieve using my strengths, and working towards achieving these ambitions. Planning is what I have been lacking, something I believe I can rectify through following PDP guidelines. The main reason why I am undertaking the current degree course is not merely to pursue a certain career direction; rather, I am undertaking the course in order to get exposure to everyday ideas and perspectives, which I believe will shape my future personal and professional life.

With time, I intend to assess those areas where I get the greatest sense of motivation so that I can search for opportunities in those areas. A proper evaluation of skills is appropriate for one to excel through the skills acquired in PDP. Throughout the year, I have been doing a skills audit with an aim of coming up with an accurate picture of my employability by considering my abilities as well as areas where I should make some improvements.

For instance, I have noticed that I have difficulties maintaining self-motivation. I have also noticed weaknesses relating to the management of my personal, financial, social and professional life.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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