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Personal development planningThe Personal development planning (PDP) course that I have been undertaking for the past year appeals to me for many reasons. To begin with, it motivates me to put in more effort in the degree course in fire and rescue service management, where my main career interest lies. The course helps me in determining the most appropriate courses of action that I should take in order to develop myself personally and in terms of career. I have accumulated immense interest both in this career line and elsewhere.

First of all, I served in the army for three years in United Arab Emirates. Secondly, I studied the English language at Folkestone in the UK for one and a half years. Thirdly, as a preamble to the current career pursuits, I attended a fire service college two years where I got basic fire safety training for three months. All this experience has shaped my personal development in very many ways; I even thought that this is the best that I could develop myself in terms of individual capacity, but I was wrong.

The personal development course is enabling me to unlock some potential that I never thought existed in me, especially on the academic front. Although I already have a specific career path in mind, the greatest challenge is on how to juggle between family, work and academics. The PDP course is giving me insights for maintaining consistency in order to increase chances of succeeding in all the three areas. I have learnt many things about how academics can facilitate a new approach in my chosen career path, especially because of the new understanding that I now have of theories.

The prevailing unpredictability in the job market has also been addressed in PDP. This unpredictability has far-reaching on my employability since it completely alters the perspectives I used to hold relating to the job market. The course prepares me to face the challenges in the career in a very big way. It has never been easier to make choices. All the guidelines are easy to follow and all topics that relate to personal development planning have been covered in a detailed, yet simple manner. Through use of PDP skills, I can see the possibility of carrying out an accurate appraisal of my strengths and weaknesses, all by myself.

I also have high hopes of being able to become a better scholar, professional and a social leader, all in one and in equal measure. Yet I also believe in the need and ability to exhibit different approaches to all these three aspects of my personal and professional life. However, this depends on whether I will continue with course relating to personal development planning during my undergraduate course in this university.

Success in academic life depends largely on ability to plan time, identify strengths and weaknesses and develop the right attitude towards problem solving. For me, the greatest weakness is poor research skills. I have a problem with getting information fast enough to get it ready within the set deadlines. I think PDP will enable me develop the right attitude towards solving the problem. It was not until the introduction of this course that I fully acknowledged this to be a real problem that could jeopardize my future career goals.

I do not see any relationship between the task of setting up priorities and cultivating the right attitude towards problem solving although I am trying to read critically into my PDP notes in order to figure out this relationship.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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