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Personal Development Plan Goals to be Achieved The knowledge that I have gathered throughout my life till now has led me to set up certain goals aimed at fostering my personal development. I have identified three most essential goals which I want to achieve through the several activities that I am performing at present and will perform in my future days. The first goal that I want to achieve is to develop the skill of encouraging innovation within the organization in which I will work in my future after the completion of this course.

The second goal which I want to achieve is to build the skill of planning changes which are to be introduced within my organization. The third essential goal which I strive to achieve is to develop the skill of successfully implementing the planned changes within the organization for which I will be working in the future. Actions to Achieve the Goals For developing the skill to encourage innovation, I believe that I should explicitly approach the persons skilled in this area of organizational operation. I would have to receive advices from them regarding the process of developing a business strategy required for incorporating innovation and also communicating the innovation throughout the organizational structure.

I should also receive advices from them about the processes of managing risk and also encouraging others to take risks which can be beneficial in adapting changes. For excelling upon the skill of planning and implementing changes, I should receive training on the most essential models and processes that are essential for handling every aspect of change within an organization. I should also seek advices upon the process of assessing the risk associated with the change and the potential benefits to be derived from taking the risk.

Learning of the ability to anticipate challenges due to the change and finding ways to overcome the anticipated changes will also be essential for me. Costs Involved I understand the importance of working on a personal development plan and I can also realize the fact that the cost which I will be incurring for executing the development plan will actually be an investment for my future.

However, for the sake of making the personal development plan an effective experience, I should think over the costs that will be required throughout the planned timeline. I have allocated 400 dollars for the entire personal development plan schedule. The breakdown of the overall anticipated cost has been depicted in the following table: Material Cost Allocated (Amount in dollars) 1. Books 250 2. Online Access 50 3. Travelling 100 Resources Needed For achieving the goals of developing skills through which I can encourage innovation in my prospective organization and effectively plan and implement changes, I will have to search for certain books where the skill development attributes are adequately explained.

I will have to search for certain web based tools through which I can correlate the learned theoretical perspectives with those of the practical scenario. The other essential resource that I will have to find for successfully conducting my personal development plan is the skilled and experienced persons from whom I can seek advices. I will have to devote a substantial amount of time for approaching them and convince them to arrange for a meeting. Hence, time and patience will also be required as resources for accomplishing the personal development plan.

Timeline for Completion The following table depicts the timeline that I have assigned for achieving each of the identified three goals: Serial No Goals to be achieved Timeline for Completion 1. Skill of encouraging innovation within organization 3 months 2. Skill of planning change 3 months 3. Skill of implementing change 6 months The utmost time has been allocated to the process of developing skills for implementing changes because this is the most critical goal among the three. I will have to gain complete insight upon the point of views of the experienced persons so as to understand their respective personal opinions over the implementation process of changes.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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