Essays on Personality, Lifestyle and Self-Concept Assignment

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  The paper "Personality, Lifestyle, and Self-Concept" is a wonderful example of an assignment on social science. Personality is a composite concept of an individual’ s psychological character, traits, habits, attitudes, motives, beliefs, and outlook that define the character of an individual. The personality of an individual dictates consumer behavior in defining interests and satisfaction. The personality of one individual is different from others, and this explains why consumer behavior is different and dynamic among different consumers. Personality drives towards how we think and evaluate ourselves. This defines the self-concept of an individual.

The consumer's perception and thoughts on a product determine if or not to consume. Personality and self-concept are the main determinants of consumer behavior. Modern changes in trends and lifestyle dictate the level of self-concept and personality. Socialization and the need to fit in modern society are the key causes of the rising dynamics in modern consumer behavior. An individual’ s personality and sense of self determine the interests and values of consumption. This is due to the assessment of the status with respect to the human and social dimensions and in the social roles that one enacts (Milne, Labrecque & Romer 2009). Modern consumption is an aggregate of social interaction act and bonding.

Social groups play a critical role in determining modern consumer behavior. This includes the primary groups into which one socializes with. Such groups as guidelines towards social norms of consumption and are considered essential. Reference groups are also said to influence consumer behavior. Such groups are used as points of reference by consumers in determining the accepted standards of behavior. Consumers develop stronger self-brand connections when there is a strong comparative association between a reference group, the product, and the self-concept.

Personality and self-concept have been classified as unique concepts that describe modern consumption. The concepts are shaped to social environments, motivations, resources, innate personal traits by the modern consumer. Modern consumers possess distinct, self-concepts and images of who they are, their social roles and status, and the positions they occupy in the society. This explains the diversities in the modern patterns of consumer behavior. The element of personality and self-concept is not constant (Jacoby, Johar & Morrin 2011). The assumption in consumer trends and behavior is that everyone has the capability to choose what to purchase.

The decision on what to purchase is sometimes limited to the income levels and the cultural beliefs that contribute to personality. Consumers are known to adjust their trends based on their individual needs and other interpersonal factors. According to psychologists, individuals develop their consumption concepts on the basis of observation and comparisons to their own self-concept.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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