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Reflection Paper Reflection Paper St. Thomas Aquinas described the theory of natural law which has been the of discussion by many philosophers. As Susan Dimock highlights in her article the theory described different concepts of the natural law. The Dimock’s article is a compelling read which discusses the St. Thomas theory in details. From reading it, and applying the concepts in the conversation of Socrates Euthyphro, the reader can analyze how the theory is applied in different situations. Notably, St. Thomas highlighted that reason was the basis of natural law and that law focused on bringing common good to all the individuals.

This is evident in the case of Euthyphro pressing charges against his father for murder. In his opinion, the law must ensure justice to all, irrespective of the person who has committed the crime. However, there are evident differences in the way the common good concept is viewed by different philosophers. An additional interesting aspect that emerges from St. Thomas Aquinas theory is the fact that the individual who makes the law must be one owning the community.

For example, God is the maker of the law as He is the creator of all human beings (Dimock, 1999). From the definition of law presented by St. Thomas, the person in authority ensures that the law is binding to the subordinates. This aspect has been evident in different societies. Worth noting is the fact that the law has measures which determine how those in authority impose it on their subordinates. St. Thomas was keen to describe the various kinds of law, namely, eternal law, natural law, human law, and divine law (p.

14). Both readings were critical in increasing my familiarity with the theory of natural law developed by St. Thomas of Aquinas. ReferenceDimock, S. (1999). The Natural Law Theory of St. Thomas Aquinas. Retrieved on 5th June 2014 from http: //papers. ssrn. com/sol3/papers. cfm? abstract_id=2197761.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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