Essays on Physical Injury To The Brain Affect Overall Function Coursework

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Brain Injury of Different Lobes Different parts of brain are responsible for various functions in human body: some control vision, other take care of muscles work. Still there are numerous body functions the centers of which seem to be located in several parts of the brain. Obviously, injury or trauma of some part of brain will result in the impairment of certain function. Frontal lobe is responsible for various types of control. When it is injured the person may find it hard to make decision, solve problems, and sequence certain tasks.

It is also more difficult to concentrate attention and control one`s personality because of unpredictability and spontaneity. Verbal expression of an individual is impaired and it gets harder and harder to control one`s emotions (Brain Injury, 2012). Temporal lobe injury often results in people decreased understanding of spoken word. Moreover, it is hard for many to deliberately pay attention to certain things so selective attention is weak. Sexual behaviour changes: the appetites might increase enormously or it can vanish totally. A person with injured temporal lobe is often more aggressive.

Identification and categorization of different objects becomes a complicated task. A person may also find it hard recognize people`s faces and find the objects in space. Parietal lobe is responsible for higher cognitive functions so the person with the injury in this part may have decreased cognitive abilities. Memory, attention, analytical skills are impaired and person`s academic success may suffer. Orientation in space, tactile processing may also be impaired. Injury in occipital lobe results in problems with vision: identifying colors, locating objects, writing, and reading (Brain Injury Recourses Guide, 2014). Cerebellum is responsible for motor activity and the injury of this part of the brain results in difficulty with keeping balance, equilibrium and overall orientation in space.

Brain stem is crucial for the work of the body. It controls body temperature, heart rate, breathing and swallowing. Impairment of these functions cause many troubles as they are often taken for granted. ReferencesBrain Injury Recourses Guide (2014). Center for Neuro Skills. Retrieved from: http: //www. neuroskills. com/brain-injury/brain-function. phpBrain Injury (2012). Brain Injury Institute. Retrieved from: http: //www. braininjuryinstitute. org/Brain-Injury-Types/Frontal-Lobe-Damage. html

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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