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Essays on POPULAR CULTURE: Discuss The Role Popular Culture Has Played In Transforming Notions Of Gender Essay

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Popular CulturePopular culture, also termed as pop culture, is considered to be the far-flung ethnic component of the society that is carried out through the common language used by the people of the society. It is made up of the day-to-day actions, requirements and ethnic instants. All these things combine to make prevailing current of thought (Siapera & Hands, 2004). The thoughts consist of any kind of praxis ranging from cooking, dressing, expenditures, the surrounding environment and different aspects of amusement i. e., sports and creative writing. Pop culture is opposed by people who believe in rule by an elite group by saying that it is the ethnic of dominating societal entities.

The word “popular” was used during the fifteenth century for jurisprudence and government making (Siapera & Hands, 2004). The word “popular” and “culture” refers to necessarily disputed ideas. There are several contending explanations of pop culture. Six explanations have been defined by John Storey, in "Cultural Theory and Popular Culture". Pop culture has been altering invariably and appears solely in a specific position and time. It figures out steady flow and swirls, and constitutes and assess the composite views that are reciprocal to each other and that determine the society (Siapera & Hands, 2004).

Due to the enormous usage of TV and mass media, gender relations have become a wide area of importance to be studied. Studies on gender depiction have revealed that individuality of male and female authority has been changed due to advertisements, magazines, films, music, TV and news. Most of the studies show that the mass media has mainly affected women. In case of men media including ads, film and literature has affect on them (Hollows, 2000).

MacDonald debated on Rosenberg and White's book Mass Culture by saying that pop culture is mixed with impurities that nullify the strong realness such as gender realities, destruction, loss and disaster. He also debated on elementary self-generated joys. A large number of people have been demoralized by such kind of things. As a result they need small and pleasant ethnic wares. Van den Haag debated that all sort of communication media disaffect people through personal knowledge. While ideas being coming out of the beginning, increase the significance of keeping them apart them from one another.

He further said that media decreases the public’s capability to explore the living (Pitts & Pitts-Taylors, 2003). A large number of companies emphasize women in their ads for popularity. These advertisements describe men and women in conventional fairness in a different manner. Women are shown engaged in a contest against men in games and winning and at last they affirm conventional family duties to be completed in effective way. Compensating the ability of instability in relations between man and woman is formulated in the intake of goods and individuals visual aspect.

These conversions occur through characterized usage of goods, not through official or political policies (Hollows, 2000). The ads having women promoting the brands represents women as fabulous extra ordinary element of the society. They present women as completely persuaded and safe, balanced, lovely, stylish and elegant. Even though she is womanly but still she is free, victorious, free from social and traditional restrictions, advanced and expressing love. The influence of gender has lasted out to some extent.

Women appear to take care of their survival and kinships through their commercial appearance. The desire of possession and grudge is engrafted in ads (Hollows, 2000).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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