Essays on Human Resources Management and Environmental Management for Hotels Report

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The paper "Human Resources Management and Environmental Management for Hotels" is a wonderful example of a report on management. The states, international organizations, regional blocks, and the national governments for the conservation of the environment as per international standards design the Environmental Management plans. These environmental plans focus on the conservation of the environment for the creation of a safer environment for the coming generations. The public sector and private organizations work for the implementation of the plans for the achievement of the desired objectives with the utilization of physical and human resources in a coordinated and well-focused pattern.

The major environmental issues as faced by the world include water pollution, air pollution, and environmental degradation in the fields of soil, water bodies, and in the chemical sectors. The major cause of environmental degradation is the non-observance of the international environmental arrangements and lack of sufficient knowledge for the protection of the environment for the creation of a sustainable enabling environment for the execution of the business activities. Hotel Management and the services relating to the field of hospitality are extended with trained labor with established practices.

This staff is equipped with the necessary training and tools for the delivery of the services through the observation of environmental standards. The trained staff is an asset for the hotel administration and the executives for the creation and conservation of a healthy environment and for the implementation of the policy of the national government and other international bodies in a systematic and coordinating pattern. The major objectives of the top executives of the hotel industry are to help the national governments in their efforts to conserve the natural environment as in protected form and to devise strategies for the formulation and conservation of the environment for the betterment of humanity(1). A protected environment will help in the conservation of water as in the healthy shape, to promote plans for the generation and utilization of safe energies, to dispose of wastes with safe practices, and to train the human resources in the lines for the protection of the environment.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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