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Introduction In this report we are evaluating Human Resource practices of a company when it starts working abroad. This report presents a preliminarypicture on this issue. When an individual goes abroad, he has to face a number of problems. Same goes for an organization, when a company starts an assignment abroad, then there a number of problems and issues that it has to face. This report addresses such issues and tries to give solutions for these while keeping in view the culture, norms, laws and regulations of the host country. This report discusses cross cultural influence on a total rewards system.

It also explains total rewards system’s components and explains how each component benefits the employees and the company. We have also discussed the importance of complying with the country’s local and national employment law and have described laws that would affect employment. Every host country expects that their rules, lawas and regulations will be complied with and in order to maintain congenial relationship with them this has to be done at any cost. Finally, we have discussed the security issues that the company might have to face with the international assignment.

This report can be used by the company in future not only for this project but in case of all projects to be done internationally. Conclusion This entire report gives an insight of how culture can affect a company’s reputation and its performance. A company working internationally needs to see to it that it complies with laws and regulations of its host country. There are laws that are made to protect the workforce and the employees but then such laws can affect the employers as well.

Employers have to be very careful especially when working abroad, they need to make sure that they comply with the laws off the country; otherwise they might face rebellion and retaliation from the people and might develop negative relation with the host country’s officials. Either way, it is the company moving to another country for a project or for long term, that needs to learn all there is to learn about the country, its people, its laws and regulations and also its culture.

If proper homework is not done, there are many problems that a company will have to face. Other than all that, a company needs to keep in mind that safety and security issue is very important when it comes to international assignments. This report gives a detailed review on safety and security issue and gives an insight on what needs to be done about safety and security when working on international projects or assignments. Hence, this report should become a guide to all the Human Resource Managers, meaning to work internationally.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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