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Capstone’s Project Activity Report for the thesis Paper Project Activity Report The intervention of an activity report is indeedto ascertain the progress of the project. The research is as a result of a thorough analysis on the population sample and the specifics of the study. It is necessary to have a clear detail of what transpired and the due dates of the occurrences. This is necessary enough to be able to track the overall performance of the project and be able to monitor the validity of the conclusions made in the report.

It is essential to monitor the various activity reports of any research proposal (David 2001). Chances are likely that a research that if carried out in one day, may not be conclusive enough. It may also not be as detailed to facilitate the effective analysis of the conclusions. It is therefore necessary for a research to undergo a thorough time plan to be able to measure to the test of accuracy. The logistics involved, time and resources involved in carrying out the project are to be measured in the various analytical steps of the research.

This is necessary enough to be able to know whether the research could be ranked as viable or not. Capstone Report Activity Report The research carried out was on the significance of Business plans. This was the title on the research. Various activities transpired in the analysis and findings of the various issued that touched and revolved around the topic. Business plans are the tools in which various organizations use to source for finance in the established and none established lending institutions. The Business plans are said to source for credit in the Micro financial institutions, the various banks, SACCO’s and other credit lending agencies.

The past system necessitated, that for a business to source for credit, for it to be able to access funds to carry out any financial transaction, it was a pre-requisite for it to have tangible assets in the form of fixed assets to act as collateral for sourcing for funds. Long gone are those days where business had equally to establish to be able to source credit. Currently the financial system’s dynamics has necessitated the need to revise this old concept.

A business might indeed have these collateral but other businesses exists an idea that once established will be able to generate substantial revenues inform of income. The main delimitation for this case may be the availability of start up and maintaining capital. Business plans is therefore given emphasize in this issue. They are useful in this case as the non-existent idea can create encouragement and convince the financial lending institution to believe in the idea from the aspect of the business plan (Creswell, 2009). Business plans also serve as a bench mark for control.

Control is a function of the management. This function enables management measure the actual performance against the set standards. Through the business plan, can monitor and regulate the various transactions carried out in the business and be able to compare against the set standards in the business plan. This is effective for strategic managers to be able to make well decisive decision. Capstone Activity Report (According to Appendix C) The following activities transpired during the field study. The need for intervention of the research is to determine the importance and significance of the Business plan.

These were the various activities carried out during the study: Activity 1 The first activity was to perform a literature review. This was necessary enough as it enabled the collection of information from the various journals, magazines and books. The collected information was the sorted out basing on an already pre-determined set of criteria. From there salient facts and figures were concluded and finally the project supervisor consulted for details (Creswell, 2009). Activity 2 The next activity was the evaluation of the Questionnaires.

In this section the various questionnaires for entrepreneurs and VC’s was developed the various population samples that included the VC’s and Entrepreneurs was approached for analysis. The appointment dates for the various surveys and interviews established. The survey was then conducted, from which various responses were collected and analyzed. The information collected was the deduced into useful inferences. The project supervisor was the n consulted for feedback. Activity 3 The next step was to complete the project report. In this category the various activities that transpired were the addition of information from the literature analysis.

It was followed by a through description of the various primary outcomes from the survey carried out. Among the things included at this level was the application of the statistical analysis on the various numerical information. It was then followed by a compilation of the various appropriate results and finally a discussion of the conclusion and results were carried out. The project supervisor was conducted for feed back (Nicholas, 2011). Activity 4 The Final activity included the evaluation of the study report. This in light was checked for various errors that might have transpired in the analysis and conclusion laid out in the report.

An improvement on the various contents and designs was done and finally the report was published and handed in for submission. Difference between Qualitative and Quantitative Research methods Quantitative research is a field study that depends on the tools of interviews, observation and questionnaires. It is all about obtaining first hand data. It is much centered on the various statistical and numerical data. An Example of these is the National Census that ascertains the number of people within a country (Foley 2004). Qualitative research on the other hand is dependent upon the interviews and case studies and deals minute issues and smaller numbers inform of information.

The researchers tend to look at the various behaviors of humans and the actions that govern their behavior. An example of these is a field study on how many ladies within school love mathematics and the various reasons. References David, Fred R. 2001. Strategic management: concepts & cases. 8th ed. Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pentice Hall. Creswell, J.

W., & Creswell, J,. 2009. Research design: A qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method approaches (3rd ed. ). Los Angeles: Sage. Nicholas, R,. 2011. A qualitative investigation of the creation and use of social capital among street children in Bucharest, Romania. Columbus, Ohio: Ohio State University. Foley, F,. 2004. The global entrepreneur: taking your business international. 2nd ed. United States: Jamric Press International.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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