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The paper "Project Appraisal of High-Speed Rail Project of Australia" is a great example of a Management essay.   Project appraisal is an important decision-making tool. Appraising the project means evaluating and analyzing the project and its feasibility. it analyze the project its need and also its cost-effectiveness for future implementation. it also answer whether the selected project is fulfilling the demand and need of that time.   On the basis of project appraisal in project management, it is decided by the manager to select the project for further execution or reject it after a detail evaluation.

The various dimension of project appraisal is demand and need assessment, concept assessment, economic assessment, environment and sustainability assessment, social assessment, financial and cost estimation, and future assessment of the project. These all dimensions of appraising a project are responsible for presenting detail and clear analysis and evaluation of the selected project  (Khatua, 2011). Project Appraisal of High-Speed Rail in Australia High-speed rail is one of the biggest projects of the Australian Government. It is a High-speed Rail with electric passenger trains operating at the speed of 250 km/hour which is operational in many almost 11 countries.

The initiative had also taken by the Australian government to build this speedy train in Australia as well. This project has been under consideration and investigations by the Australian government to make a high-speed rail network operational between Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, and Brisbane. This one of the significant projects of Australia because it can reduce aviation fuel, the external cost of transportation, carbon dioxide emission, and also freight or aviation traffic  (Laird, 2011).   The Project Appraisal of High-speed Rail in Australia will describe the detailed analysis of the project its need, background, feasible alternatives, and proposal of the High-speed rail of Australia.

Moreover, the project appraisal will also explain the financial, economic, social, and environmental assessment of HSR in Australia with its future implementations and critical issues. In this way Project appraisal on HSR of Australia gives a detailed analysis of the project on each dimension.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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