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Public ProsecutionIntroduction The emergence of electronic data entry programs has found a lot of application. The United Arab Emirates is at the moment reframing a number of its government functions with the adoption of these programs. This according to the government driving force is geared at enhancing the development of a number of its major sectors including the judicial system. The efficiency with which the adoption of electronic data entry programs makes work done is an aspect that has greatly driven the move to the adoption. The public prosecution system in Abu Dhabi handles very many cases and the manual manipulation of the filing process may derail a number of legal procedures.

This paper examines the adoption of an electronic data entry program in the public prosecution in Abu Dhabi, this is in line with the implicated benefits and the risk factors accrued. The Move to Adopt the Use an Electronic Data Entry Program in the Abu Dhabi Public prosecution SystemThe government of the United Arab Emirates was keen to identify that ideal efforts in the progress of development required the adoption of electronic services.

This pointed to the introduction of an electronic data entry program in the Abu Dhabi judicial system in the year 2001. With the adoption of this program which immediately started assuming a number of responsibilities a number of benefits were cited. The benefits that emerged with the adoption of this electronic program pointed to the efficiency with which the program made it possible to handle a number of responsibilities in the judicial system. The program made it very easy for reviewers to handle prosecutions.

This was possible through the ease with which it became possible to file and at the same time retrieve files. With the former manual system of filing, the system operated with the use of file numbers which required the users to go back to the source of the file to locate its exact number. With such a way of filing, it took a lot of time and energy for one to retrieve a file initially kept within the judicial system (Al-Mudhareb Para. 1). The use of an electronic data entry program translated in to a very fast way of filing that would only call for a touch of a button to retrieve a file.

Reference to the files when need arose was made very fast with the adoption of the electronic data entry program. The use of the program has also translated in to much enhanced forms of communication among the staff members within the judicial system. It has now become very easy for the staff members to send various files among themselves when need arises (Al-Mudhareb Para. 1). This has also seen the emergence of the ease with which security can be upheld within the judicial system with regard to the deletion or alteration of any contents of the files that the system is held with.

A number of the staff members within the Abu Dhabi public prosecution system have indicated that the adoption of this electronic program has made it possible for them to deliver all the statistics accurately. This required a lot of time and energy in the previous where most records were subjected to a number of errors

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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