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Recommendations 13 References 15 Fig 1: Classification of costs 13 Fig 2: Development process 14 Process Improvement Plan Report This plan outlines the project for process improvement in the Software Development Center. The need for this study was realized after one of the company’ s customers ordered special design software that was to be delivered under strict deadlines. While the software was developed and delivered on time, the company was not able to make a profit from that assignment. It became apparent that the company processes were not friendly to production that was outside the company’ s normal production process.

Because the production of bespoke software is becoming more and more in demand, it was observed to be imperative for the process to be improved in order for the company to capitalize on the new opportunities provided by this development. The report is a culmination of a study conducted in the company in relation to software development processes with a view to establishing where the process failed to allow the provision of the program in a good time. This plan is meant to report on all potential areas of improvement that were found in the different divisions.

It is not meant to set out a finite plan over a limited duration of time, however, it lays down a foundation for ongoing, continuous improvement initiatives for the review of the software development process in the entire company. Study participants Different individuals were involved in the development of this report. The main part of this report was developed as a result of consultations with many of the stakeholders involved in different stages of development in the company as well as others who are not directly involved in the development of the software although they still play an important role in the company’ s overall ability to deliver on orders in good time.

All the said stakeholders were interviewed to show their views on what needed to be done to improve the company’ s profitability when working on bespoke software. Overview of the organization Software Development Center is a software development company headquartered in Sydney with an office in Cape Town. The cornerstone of the company's software development strategy is a balancing combination of technology and customer needs.

SDC develops gaming solutions based on a range of platforms and technologies, including Windows, Macintosh, Unix, Linux, .Net, J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile 2003 and mobile embedded systems. Software Development Company takes great pride in its development team. SDC believes that people are the key to successfully providing high-quality gaming software and more importantly, cultivating an ongoing relationship with its clients. Software Development Company has a clear policy of employing only the very best in their field. Over one hundred IT professionals who have graduated from the top Australian national universities most of whom hold an MS/BS degree in technology and science form the software development team.

Many team members are certified by IT industry leaders such as Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, IBM, CISCO, etc. They also have a deep understanding and intensive skills and deep knowledge both in cutting edge information technology, business areas, and customer care. Team members are creative thinkers, and they are comfortable with solving complex problems. The company has one of the lowest personnel turnover rates in Australia owing to the excellent conditions the staff work under which not only provides a good working environment but also an opportunity for the staff to exploit their potential and explore their creativity.

Members of staff are also able to produce products for different parts of the world this is due to their high level of experience in producing software in English, German and French. The company has further put in place effective HR policies, collaboration with top technical universities, and a compelling social package.


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