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Reading Response – Gender and Race Race refers to ification of people according to colour while ethni refers to the classification of people according to culture. Gender refers to the classification of people according to sex. These social groups have different characteristics which lead people to treat others differently and sometimes unfairly. One of the problems with these classifications is that it prevents some people from accessing some basic needs due to discrimination based on their race or ethnicity. For instance, African Americans and Latinos were excluded from social welfare programs in the US in 1930s.

Another problem with ethnicity and race is that it results in wars and genocides. For example, Adolf Hitler of the Nazi Germany allowed the killing of around 6 million Jews who lived in Europe. This practice of targeting and killing one racial group is a destructive form of racial discrimination. The problem with gender or sex is that it results in discrimination against some gender at the workplace based on the views of the society. Some work such as household chores are considered as women duties in the Western and Indian communities.

This forms the basis of discriminating against women at the workplace. Some companies hire men to take up specific duties. Some communities also view women as inferior and treat them harshly. For instance, women in Iran are stoned to death if they cheat on their husbands, but men are not. Another problem of gender is violence. Some women face gender violence in form of rape and other forms of victimization. Dividing people into social groups may also be important because it enhances positive diversity at the workplace where people bring different diverse ideas to improve work performance.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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