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The paper "The Exploitation of Minerals " is a perfect example of an essay on environmental studies. The case study focuses on the current altercation between the government, non- government organizations as well as individuals in Australia. The three groups have varying views regarding what should be done to the gas found in West Australia. The area is under cultural threat because everyone claims ownership of its scarce resources. Kimberley area occupies a very large area and is renowned for its natural beauty of coastal environments, coral reefs, and mangroves among other features.

Apart from being a natural beauty spot, it is habitat to a variety of wild endangered species like turtles, golden bandicoots, and scaly- tailed possum. However, the Kimberley region is not fully explored because it is very remote. Kimberley area also boasts of rich cultural heritage. Approximately thirty tribes have based their existence on the area, and each community uses its own language and unique cultural practices. Such cultural practices are passed from one generation to another hence ensuring that there is continuity of culture. Kimberley has recently attracted explorers who hope to tap and gain from the vast mineral resources in the area.

There have been prospects about the existence of bauxite and aluminum in the area. The exploitation of minerals in the area has the disadvantage of destroying the beauty of the area. This would also distort Kimberley’ s economy because the area depends on the beauty of the ecosystem. However, some people argue that if minerals were explored, there would be the creation of numerous employment opportunities. Some communities are, however, in strong opposition, and have vowed to do everything in their power to ensure Kimberley is intact.

However, the issuance of a license to drill plants will limit efforts to save the region.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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