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Reflective Report Reflective Report In contemporary business, independent research is imperative in realization of successful international and local ventures. As a business professional, effective research, analysis, and interpretation of data is inevitable within the international business sector. For instance, investment in Turkish hotel industries requires comprehensive research to establish the legal and socioeconomic factors affecting profitability and bookings. Undergoing the course was authoritative in sharpening my research skills and expertise as a business professional. It is imperative to note that effective research entails proper collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. The foremost vitality of the course in enhancing my research skills and expertise related to formulation of study questions.

Formulation of research questions is essential in realization of successful independent research (University of Reading, 2015, p. 1). Besides, relevant study questions are inevitable in improving validity of a research. Comprehensive understanding of the course sharpened my previous weak skills in formulation of effective research questions. Consequently, the course enabled me to formulate an imperative study question that was approvable. Besides enhancement of in skills relating to research questions formulation, the course helped develop my literary analysis skills in relation to the research question.

I gained ability to identify fundamental empirical and theoretical skills of identifying and analysis relevant literature. Effective review of relevant literature is imperious in conducting valid research besides enlightening an independent researcher of the most vital information concerning the study questions. Consequently, the course enhanced my literary analysis skills besides developing my statistical expertise and critical analytic techniques. During determination of inherent factors that affected hotel bookings capacity and profitability in Turkey, the course effectively addressed effective research methodologies. The processes involved in structuring methodology and identification of primary data enabled me to apply effectively quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.

Consequently, I developed ability to measure properly legal, social, and economic factors affecting Turkish hotel industry using both qualitative and quantitative methods. The course remained imperative in strengthening research skills in relation measuring study variables imperative in answering outlined questions. Moreover, the course sharpened my data collection skills including conducting interviews and analyzing literary sources. Proper collection of relevant literature is domineering in realization of valid and better results during a study.

Applying the appropriate data and information collection methods in a dissertation research is essential in successful accomplishment of study questions (Blaxter, Hughes, & Tight, 2010, p. 183). Throughout the research, I realized specific need for surveys during collection of data especially relating to online sources. Besides surveys, designing questionnaires for collecting primary sources was authoritative in developing my weak skills in such techniques. Integration of both primary and secondary research is authoritative in successful completion of dissertations. Organization of dissertation research chapters is imperative in effective presentation of study findings and conclusions.

The course remained critical in enhancing my poor research organization skills. Consequently, I adopted the effective research presentation skills including organization and differentiation of study questions, literature reviews, methodology of research, and collection of data. Moreover, organization of research findings after analysis is domineering in procedural presentation of a dissertation research. Establishing informative conclusion and recommendations is critical in independent research. It is vital to note that the course greatly strengthened my professional research skills relating to formulating research questions, collection of data, analysis, and presentation of findings.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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