Essays on Reflective Writing In Relation To Group Project Assignment

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TITLE: MY EXPERIENCE OF WORKING IN A GROUP AND AN ACTION PLAN. Experience of giving, receiving and using feedback One task that our group completed for the business communication consultancy was ‘how to work harmoniously with co-workers. ’Communication can simply be defined as a process of relaying a message from one person to another through various channels. My experience of giving, receiving and using feedback after completing the above task include: Giving feedbackCommunication is a two way process. The loop is completed when the sender of the communication receives a feedback from the receiver. Each group member was expected to give their individual feedback on why they chose to offer consultancy on the particular topic, what the experience of working as a group taught them and how this assignment has affected their communication skills. As a member of the group, i was delighted with the topic ‘How to work harmoniously with co-workers’.

This was due to the fact that i had earlier worked as an intern in a company where team work was emphasised. To begin with, the group consisted of 3 males and 2 females, all are members of Business Club within the University.

The group agreed that each member would do their independent research and readings on the topic then present it for further discussion. I will begin by defining communication according to Bovee. C (1992) which states that communication is “Two-way process of reaching mutual understanding, in which participants not only exchange (encode-decode) information but also create and share meaning. ”When my turn come to give feedback, i remained seated but continued to share my findings without maintaining eye contact with other members, meanwhile, asking them not to ask questions until i finished the presentation.

I tried to be as audible as possible and assumed every member was familiar with business jargon thereby continuing to use them. Receiving feedbackWhen i was done presenting and it was time to receive feedback from my listeners. I tried to be calm, listen and write down key points raised, focusing more on inputs rather that criticism. I felt challenged whenever someone disagreed with a point. 3 members pointed out that i need to maintain eye contact in my future presentations and limit the use of jargons.

All members supported the idea that questions should be asked at the end of the presentation so as not to interrupt communication flow which can disorient the presenter. Instead, questions should be jotted down and asked at the end. Using feedbackI learnt that a good listener should embrace both positive feedback and criticism for both personal and professional improvement. I also learned that effective communication is two-way and feedback must return to the sender of the message for it to be complete. In our next group work, i intend to maintain eye contact so as to read non-verbal communication from other members.

This could also include nodding which affirms a statement hence positive feedback. REFLECTION ON THE GROUP LEARNING EXPERIENCE The 2 communication skills that i have developed include:

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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