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The paper "Remuneration and Performance Management" is a good example of a management essay. Gateway Institute is a non-profit making organization that offers a range of professional development programs and events. These programs and events are tailored to meet the needs of the public sector. In recent years, the institute has opted to change its operational methods from events and courses to member accreditation to member accreditation and advocacy for the profession. The changes have been in the aim of shaping the institute’ s operations as per the public administration and works in the consultation.

The institute aims at ensuring their conferences, seminars and events are delivered successfully. This change will affect the operations of the organization and also the employees. The transition from the old strategy to the new one must be smooth, and it should be implemented gradually up to the final step. The whole transition will involve job analysis and evaluation, and the implementation of performance management. Body The role of job analysis and evaluation Job analysis and evaluation are essential tools that are used by the organizations to check the progress of the employees and also the organization (Wall, Goodyear, Singh, Whitehouse, Hughes, & Howes, 2014).

The use of the job evaluation will help the institute to know the relevance of a certain job in the organization. Job analysis can be defined as the process that is used to identify and determine the details of the content of a certain job. It factors out the roles, duties, skills, responsibilities, and accountability that are associated with the jobs (Kutlu, Ekmekç ioğlu & Kahraman, 2013). On the other hand, job evaluation is defined as the worthiness of a certain job.

Job evaluation is used to determine the use of a job position in the organization. The following are the roles that job analysis and evaluation will play during the strategic organizational evolution: They help to establish organizational designs and roles during the change process. Help to align pay and roles of the employees. Gives the interdependencies among different jobs. Gives clarity on the accountability of jobs. It helps in the management of the succession.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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