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@ 2010Letter of TransmittalDIAMOND GLOBAL LIMITED5TH AVENUE STREETVICTORIA QLD 12655 MAY, 2010THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERDIAMOND GLOBAL LIMITED5TH AVENUE STREETVICTORIA QLD 1265Dear Sir, Following your request made on April 6th 2010, I have the pleasure of attaching the report on the key considerations in the implementation of electronic document and records management system. The report pays specific attention to a number of considerations that deal with the process of creating records up to their final disposal. This report contains an observation of the weaknesses found in each step of the life cycle of the recordkeeping processes.

The weaknesses are basically associated with the current system of recordkeeping. The weaknesses are then contrasted with the situation that is expected to obtain only when the Electronic Document and Record Management System is introduced. Investigations reveal that if implemented, the new system is likely to streamline the recordkeeping process within the organization. Records will be created, kept, accessed and finally disposed off in effective manner consistent with the policies of the organization, while complying with the requirements of the laws of the land. This report makes a number of recommendations that, if implanted, would go a long way in improving the recordkeeping function in the organization.

Though a good amount of money and other resources will go in to the implementation of this new program, it is anticipated that once operational, the system will perform much better and help the organization recoup its investment in terms of increased access to and security for the records. Thank you most sincerely for giving me the opportunity of working on this project. I would be glad to provide any further information that would help clarify some of the issued raised in this report.

Yours sincerely, Osmond Green – Records and Information management Manager. A REPORT ON THE IMPLEMENTATION OF ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT AND RECORDS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPrepared for: Submitted on: Prepared by: Executive SummaryDocumentation and Record is a very important component in organizations of all sizes. Apart from serving historical purposes within the organization, records are important points of reference in casers where evidence is required. For this reason, records require proper handling as they pass through all the stages of their handling right from creation to disposal. Poorly kept records can cause problems in the organization especially when one has to refer to them.

This is the situation that Diamond Global, the company for which I work, found itself in. the poor state of records elicited complaints from a number of players such as customers, clients and staff. All the complaints seemed to point at various weaknesses associated with the current recordkeeping and information management practices in the organization. It is for this purpose that when the Board of Directors approved funding for upgrading the recordkeeping and information management practices and procedures on the organization, the CEO commissioned me to investigate the exact areas of weakness.

My focus of investigation was on recordkeeping stages such as Creation, Capture, Registration, and Control, appraisal, Disposal, storage, vital records, Archival records and Change management.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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