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Searching for the Right Employee for the Organization Searching for the Right Employee for the Organization Ways that a candidate culture fit can be assessedGetting an employee whose culture fits concur with the culture of an organization has become essential in the present world of business. An employee with similar interest as the company will find it easy to get in the system. For example, an organization that embraces teamwork will be doing an injustice to itself by hiring an individual who is a loner (Arthur, 2012). To increase productivity of an organization, it is beneficial to hire an individual with a culture that will blend well with that of the organization without hitches.

An individual exhibiting the same culture as an organization offering the job will be happy and will also enjoy job satisfaction hence increasing productivity. One can conduct a culture fit assessment on a candidate by asking them about their previous job, what kind of an environment they best work in and how they deal with people they do not like. Getting the best candidate can be a challenge at time; this is because most of the organizations have websites that show the culture they embrace (Arthur, 2012).

A smart candidate can hence go through the web and tune his culture toward that of the organization so that they can get the job. This notwithstanding, by engaging candidates in both formal and informal conversation will help unearth the real character of a candidate. What is the best way to avoid occupational stressor? Stress in the workplace is inevitable; hence one needs to find a way on ways to deal with the stress.

Stress in some instance can be productive as it pushes an individual to work harder to achieve the targets. On the contrary, excessive stress can render an employee less productive or completely unproductive. This being the case, it is important to set up as good work environment so as to prevent the employees from being stressed (Arthur, 2012). Communication at workplace is essential in that the employees through good communication can help point out sources of stress at the workplace. In conducting the research, one may find challenges such as uncooperative interviewee from fear of intimidation for disclosing information.

Some organizations may not be willing to participate in the research. Cultural background may be a hindrance to the research as some of the social cultures in some areas may be considered good yet in a different set up they may fall on the negative side. ReferenceArthur, D. (2012). Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting & Orienting New Employees. New York: AMACOM.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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