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The paper "Customer Relationship Management System Software" is a great example of a marketing essay.   Grant and Anderson define Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an approach used by enterprises in an effort to increase income through the improvement of customer value thus retain and ensure customer satisfaction. This involves identifying new operational expansion areas as well as minimizing costs and time incurred in operating business. CRM uses sets of Information Technological tools, technologies and software. A White Paper by Governor Technology points out that through CRM, customers become highly valued and the relationship between them and the organisation is greatly improved.

This is because the main force behind CRM is the idea that for a business to be successful one needs to be able to engage the customer in a meaningful relationship. The customer is therefore well understood and a deliberate effort is made to ensure interaction. Customer information collected is analysed and interpreted such that it may be used to measure future profitability, new product development as well as channels of sales and marketing to use. How CRM works According to Grant and Anderson, when a client’ s call reaches a customer representative in a firm, the representative will immediately identify his or her account and service status.

A feature in the telephone identifies the caller, prompts the client to enter the billing number which is then exchanged with data in the firm’ s call center software. The software then directs the call to the customer representative who uses it to answer the client effectively as it is specifically designed to do this, thus the customer needs only call one number in order to obtain answers to all his or her needs. The current state of the organisation A quick analysis of the current status needs to be compiled as described by the Qiem CRM planning guide.

Currently, the organisation has a paper-based customer record system, the customer files are not accessible to all the customer representatives because they are kept on the site where the first contact was made.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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