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The paper "Court Structure and Proceedings" is a great example of a business essay.   The art of doing business and being successful in it especially in an international destination depends on the business environment that the particular business will be operating on. According to company law, the major focus on the success of a company is by having a legal environment that is much conducive to limited legal restrictions and relevant judicial processes that ensure all legal procedures are followed. Countries all over the world are creating the most efficient business working environments, not only for investment purposes but also to allow the diversity in products, globalization, and competition that spurs the production of quality goods by individual companies.

According to the world bank, the ease of doing business in any country is measured by the legal-political environment created by the government of the host country. Comprehensive research that highlights the five key indicators for enforcing contracts and the benefits of these indicators reveals how the impact specifically on small and medium enterprises. Court structure and proceedings Any business involved in a legal tussle will always use the court as a reference point to solving the stalemate, especially when it occurs between a foreign investment company and the local business environment.

The ease of doing business will only be achieved when court proceedings are smooth and faster in the clearing of business cases. This is due to the fact that businesses spend a lot of investment in hiring legal services and need to get value for their money especially when they have made investments in many parts of the country. Australia for example has a well-established court structure with distinctions of business cases and industrial courts that handle business issues and contract cases.

A contract case often requires reviews of different memoranda and agreements, which need to be carefully carried out if a non-discriminatory judgment is achieved. Therefore, the separation of the court structure into industrial courts will play a role in easing contract cases, which will help in the creation of a business environment that allows ease of business.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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