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The paper "Good Performance Management Systems" is an outstanding example of a management research paper. In several decades, the concept of performance management has not been taken more seriously the way it ought to have been by the organizations and their leadership. For long, the management class has failed to appreciate the role of performance management systems for their businesses. However, with the current world economic crisis, many of the organizations have now been subjected to serious management problems more so the ones that are related to organizational performance.

Change in technology and high cost of doing business all over the world contributes to a larger part of the problems management teams are facing currently as stated by Zimmermann & Sparrow, (2008). These problems have greatly influenced the labour market as well as the target audience and market. The ultimate goal for the management is to achieve a high level of performance by utilizing the available resources at a more effective cost. Because of these reasons, the management role now is to come up with the most appropriate and effective performance management systems that will ensure that the businesses are breaking-even apart from ensuring that they are able to secure a comfortable place both in the labour market and the customer base.

It is because of this reason that this research seeks to explore the whole concept of good performance management systems, their characteristics and various management performance systems as applied in the current management functions by answering the research questions and objectives stated above (Daniels, 2004). 1.1 Performance management system A performance management system is a broader term that describes how technology uses it is an embedded package of applications and methods to bring about desired results in terms of behavior and performance.

These two are the most critical elements of performance management according to Arshad & Sparrow (2010). Performance management systems include a number of activities which ensures that the process of working towards achieving performance goals is consistent, effective and efficient. The overall agenda of a performance management system is aimed at realizing high organizational, departmental, employee, and product and service performance. The performance management system is a concept that is widely applied in institutions, community groupings, health settings, political settings as well as in the government agencies mainly to help in bringing desired organizational performance results.

Performance management is a strategy used by the management to support the organization’ s performance by improving workforce performance by developing individual capabilities. Performance measurement is also vital in ensuring that organizational standards are achieved and are consistent with ISO9000 requirements (Gary, 2009). 1.2 Characteristics of the good performance management system As discussed earlier, the performance management system is aimed at promoting effectiveness in realizing both strategic and operational objectives.

However, this is only possible if the system is able to apply correlated business performance practices and software to bring about intended organizational results. As illustrated by Richter, Dawson & West (2011), use of integrated software for workers performance management systems as compared to a mere record system that makes use of the spreadsheet, can help in increasing the organizational returns through direct and indirect sales and improved efficiency which assists in unlocking the capabilities among the individuals. This is possible because time spent by an individual in performing a certain function is greatly reduced by the system.

Therefore the major characteristic of a good performance management system is the ability to deliver the projected results and even surpass as argued by Al & Regina (2006). The following are the characteristics of a good performance management system:

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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