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Essays on How Hospitality Experience Happens - Aesthetics of Built Environment and Customer Character Essay

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The paper “ How Hospitality Experience Happens - Aesthetics of Built Environment and Customer Character” is an engrossing option of an essay on marketing. The hospitality industry has been among the major revenue-generating businesses in many countries, which have made people attain their dreams of visiting places they have previously fantasized or dreamt about. The hospitality experience encompasses a variety of input, efforts, and activities of various team players to make it happen. It incorporates management operations, aesthetics of the built environment, customer character, and other environmental factors. This discussion will focus on the aesthetics of the built environment and customer character as the elements of customer experience in a hospitality organization. Hospitality is a service industry that seeks to make customers, tourists, and guests at home while making a fortune out of it.

Chan (2009, p. 11) defines it as showing kindness in taking care of clients or strangers, majorly by catering for their food, accommodation, and upkeep. The hospitality industry is a company or business that provides the above, offer comfort to clients, and makes them feel at home, even when they are miles away from home.

However, this is done at a fee, which varies depending on the affordability and locality of the company. Different stakeholders feel hospitality experience differently. The experience is dependent on how well the hospitality industry’ s characteristics are well understood and defined. According to Hemmington (2007, p. 6), customers want to have a great experience besides the usual services; hence, they can do what it takes to experience it, even if it means spending extra money. They are interested in buying memories and experiences in terms of the food provided.

This shows how important a good experience is. These characteristics include the maintenance of a two-way flow of communication from clients to the company and vice versa, having a product-service mix, relationship building between stakeholders, understanding of cultural diversity, and understanding the intensity of the labor required. Once all stakeholders are aware of the characteristics and work towards attaining and improving them, the success story becomes a lifetime experience to the customers and a good fortune to the company. Therefore, hospitality experience should be made continuous and long-term to both the clients and industry.

Ford, Sturman, and Leaton (2012, p. 299) state that hospitality experience involves everything from food, surroundings, the information provided, personnel, and the system that is offering the services to the clients. Aesthetics of Built EnvironmentWhen it comes to aesthetics in the built environment, it is almost obvious that beauty is captivating. For a hospitality experience to remain on the mind of the customer or tourist, the place that he or she has visited has to be beautifully made and captivating in order for the experience to stick on their mind for the longest time possible, and make them desire to pay another visit.

Aesthetics integrates aspects of user-friendly furnishing with accessories, sense of space in terms of customs, manners and conventions, commodity aesthetics, in terms of sensory quality, shape, feel, and the sense of overall value. Regarding furnishing, a hospitality industry offering accommodation, for example, a hotel, there should be proper bedding which should be comfortable, availability of water, instant shower, spaced room with strategically located windows and a clean bathroom. The furnishings that can make a client take the place as home offer a real-time accommodation experience (Ford, Sturman and Leaton 2012, p.

299). In cases of offering hospitality services in terms of offering conference rooms, a well-furnished and arranged conference room with proper sitting arrangement, a good theme color of the tables’ covers, provision of conference material and projection materials goes a long way to make the place comfortable.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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