Essays on Management Systems at the New York Fire Department Research Proposal

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The paper "Management Systems at the New York Fire Department" is an outstanding example of a management research proposal.   Human Resource Management, HRM, refers to the functions in the organizations whose principal focus is on issues of recruitment, management, performance management, employee motivation, employee training, safety, administration, and directing people to ensure the smooth progress of work. Managers have a duty of expressing the goals of the organization in a manner that they are understood by the employees so that they can be implemented (Kramer, 2010). Motivation by definition is perceived as the activation or the process of instilling energy among individuals who are originally oriented to the goals they are meant to per take within a given organization.

The motivation was initially used in the management of humans but the knowledge has now been extended to animals as well. Motivation can be categorized as either extrinsic or intrinsic. The role and the responsibility of a manager are to find the best way possible through which things can be done (Reiss, 2000). As stated by Maslow in his theory of the hierarchy of needs the manager is fully entrusted with the responsibility of knowing the levels in which each of his employees fit so that he can find the best way possible. ” This is easier than done” .

Having said all these, it is important to note that the subject of motivation is not yet clearly understood by humans. In order to understand motivation, one needs to understand the human subject in relation to his needs. Human nature can be very complex on one side and very simple on the other side depending on the amount of effort and the interest the manager has put in place to understand his employees. Research Aims General objective: To determine the structure of the management systems at the New York Fire Department Specific Objectives: To determine the level of employee satisfaction in relation to the management structure of the organization at the Pennine Fire & Safety Limited. To determine the various fire response rate at the Pennine Fire & Safety Limited. Research Hypotheses The Null Hypothesis: The employees at the Fire services at the Pennine Fire & Safety Limited are properly motivated The alternative Hypothesis The employees at the Fire services at the Pennine Fire & Safety Limited are NOT well motivated. Problem Statement Fire fighting is one of the activities that need to be properly managed to enable the organization to meet its sole purpose of ensuring that the citizens of that particular nation are properly served.

One of the major problems that may hinder the progress and the management of the fire services given other factors are held constant is when the employees are not properly motivated. The management is entrusted with the full responsibility of ensuring that the employees within the Pennine Fire & Safety Limited are properly motivated (Kramer, 2010).

There are different ways of motivating employees as different employees are motivated by different things following Maslow’ s hierarchy of needs. It is the aspects of motivation that this paper seeks to determine. The information that will be generated by this research will be essential in the planning and management of fire services in the United Kingdom.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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