Essays on Marketing Decision and Customers Behavior in Online Marketing and Buying Decisions Research Paper

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The paper "Marketing Decision and Customers’ Behavior in Online Marketing and Buying Decisions" is a good example of a marketing research paper.   In contemporary marketing literature, consumer behaviors have been widely discussed; investment made in the product design, product packaging, quality distinction, sales promotion, advertisement strategist are some of the factors that woos customers to make buying decisions concerning a particular company product (Severt, 2002). Kotler (2001) states that the works of companies are more complicated with the complicated consumer needs vary from one consumer to another making it hard for the companies to determine and identify their needs and wants.

Consumers do make decisions based on various priorities, which include among other things personal beliefs, peer group influences, economic status, cultural affinity, social status, and other environmental factors (Severt, 2002). Firms are, therefore, expected to effectively and sufficiently demonstrate how distinct the service and product they offer is unique and meets consumer needs (Severt, 2002). Kotler (2001) defines consumer behavior as an aspect of human behavior, which is a total process where an individual or group of people interacts with the environments.

When individuals are reacting and acting in a particular way like laughing, sadness or happiness, which is how people respond to their environment hence defining their behavior. In a world of globalization and internet space era, most companies are digitalizing their operations with most of their activities taking place online (Porter, 2001). The marketing department also is not left behind in this era hence understanding the mechanism of virtual shopping, online consumer behavior has become very vital, and priority for most of the companies and marketing scholars in general as virtual shopping is quickly taking place (Porter, 2001). With the continuous expansion of internet use, transactions, penetrations of business, use of social media (Kotler, 2001).

Therefore, it goes without saying that marketers should take a keen interest in studying the ever-changing consumer behavior including the media advertisement changes like the use of twitter, what sup, Facebook and many other areas (Porter, 2001). Therefore, in this report, the main research problem is to point out the relationship between specific marketing decision and customer behavior that will elucidate by the survey and interview (Porter, 2001).

In addition, this research problem aims to use the way of marketing research methods to the analysis and illustrate the relationship between customer behavior and specific marketing decision (Kotler, 2001). The main objective of this study is to establish the relationship between specific marketing decision and customers’ behavior in online marketing and buying decisions.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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