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Socializing new employees Socializing new employees I agree with terry’s posting on the mentorship programs and the first thirty day plan. The mentorship program is okay since the employee is socialized in the course of the daily activities of an organization. However, the first thirty day plan may be time-consuming and expensive. Other employees might be too busy to attend the one-on-one meetings or others might find them completely unnecessary. Despite this, it is important for companies to ensure that they make time to socialize their employees. They should make it part of their organizational culture.

It is ironical for some employees who have worked in an organization to act all busy when needed to socialize new employees. Such employees forget that they were once socialized when they joined the organization for the first time. Thus, an organization should have a meeting with all its employees to come up with a decision on how to conduct the socialization process of their new employees (Anne, 2011). They should look at all the possible alternatives together with their pros and cons and choose from them.

Organizations should even go overboard and come up with their own creative socialization process that can work for their new employees. Having fresh talent in an organization is important. However, if this talent is not well socialized and made aware of the organization culture, then it becomes less helpful for an organization. That is why socialization is important to ensure that the new employees are aligned with the organizational goals and objectives together with the required norms and code of conduct. ReferencesAnne, H. (2011, May 2011). On-boarding New Employees.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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