Essays on Popular Social Networking Sites Case Study

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The paper "Popular Social Networking Sites" is a good example of an information technology case study.   Some popular social networking sites include Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Google plus. Facebook is free to users and generates its revenue from advertisements such as the use of banner ads. The main revenue for Facebook comes from a brand advertisement. The advertising revenue is expected to drop owing to low click-through rates (Sabin-Wilson, 2011). Another revenue model for Facebook that is becoming popular is Facebook Credits. Credits are the virtual currency for games. Moreover, Facebook generates revenue via the Facebook Gift shop (Lopuck, 2012).

This is a product that enables Facebook customers to send virtual gifts to their friends. The gifts cost on average $1 per gift. On the other hand, Twitter revenue comes from advertising products such as promoted tweets, promoted trends and promoted accounts (Warner & LaFontaine, 2010). These products allow advertisers to push tweets to users who may even not follow the advertiser’ s account. Social media also uses political advertising to earn revenue. In spite of this; Twitter revenue models are said to be still in their infancy stage. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which seem to be diversifying their revenue models, MySpace revenue solely comes from advertising (Sabin-Wilson, 2011).

The user does not pay anything for using MySpace social media. It is argued that through its website and other ad networks, MySpace is one of the most sophisticated social media in terms of collecting data about users and hence the ability to target advertiser’ s ads based on users' behaviour. Like other social media, Google plus generate revenue via advertising. However, Google plus advertisements come with inbuilt analytic that enable advertisers to know the value of their promotion via social media. SWOT ANALYSIS: Facebook Strengths Facebook has rapidly grown in the USA and worldwide Facebook is the leading social networking sites Facebook is evolving very fast and is being adopted by many at the same time   The firm has attracted many top talents from Google The Facebook social network is easy to use and thus is user friendly The social network has a high customer loyalty The financial position of Facebook is strong  The firm is a leader in the market share for the industry


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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