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Rome Rome The fall of the Ancient Rome started as long as 190 AD. The main reason that contributed to the fall of Rome was disunity in the military and poor administration of the empire. The Roman Army did spread all over in the Western Europe, and each section of the army was governed with different ideas and leadership. Notably, each part of the army needed a different person for an emperor. In fact, one part of the army could fight and make its member an emperor after which another part of the army could wedge a war on the army in power and put its own member in power (Markel, 2008).

Between 211 and 284 AD, twenty-three soldier emperors had governed Roman Empire and rival army killed twenty of these emperors. The lack of law and order in the ancient Roman Empire contributed to its fall. Later in 284 AD, Rome was divided into smaller empires including the Western and Eastern Empire that the Diocletian though could be easy to govern. Different leaders with different and distinct geological and responsibilities led a different empire (Markel, 2008).

Nonetheless, more administrative problems rose, and more military defense were needed across the Rome Empire; thus, there was a need to recruit more military. However, the empire did not have enough money to sustain the military and other administrative matters. Therefore, it increased taxed thereby increasing prices of goods and services offered to people. These military and administrative steps made the Romans lose confidence in the leadership of the empire. Additionally, the Roman army lost its glory and power to defend and protect the empire, when other tribes including the Ostrogoth raided Rome, the army could not defend the empire, and Romans could only make deals with these tribes (Markel, 2008).

These are among the factors that contributed to fall or the powerful Roman Empire. ReferenceMarkel, R. J. (2008). The fall of the Roman Empire. Minneapolis, MN: Twenty-First Century Books.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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