Essays on Total Quality Management in the Hotel Industry Essay

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The paper “ Total Quality Management in the Hotel Industry”   is a   persuasive example of an essay on management. Success in the hotel industry is highly dependant on services rendered. Quality management ensures that a hotel is competitive in its industry thus is a reason to conduct a study into the quality of services. The theory of service quality management is essential to appreciate quality management in the hotel industry and consequently establish gaps. This paper presents principles of total quality management and how it impacts positively on front-line staff in a five-star hotel so as to provide quality services to its guests.

In a nutshell, the basic principles of TQM philosophy are to assure the customer, satisfy the supplier, and continuously advance the business processes. Furthermore, decisions should be based on facts while communication ought to be defined well in relation to timeline, methods, and strategy. Finally, integrated systems are among the principles of quality management where an employee is well versed with the mission statement, vision, and motto of a specific five-star hotel. IntroductionTotal quality management is a viewpoint that focuses on a homogeneous commitment to quality in all locations within an organization.

It promotes a culture that meets consumer’ s discernment of quality service in the hospitality industry. In order for TQM to improve services in an organization, it must be supported at all management levels. Production, finance, marketing, IT and other functional sections are normally affected by TQM. Initial stages of TQI involve listening to customer’ s needs and subsequently delivering services to meet them. TQM expounds classification of customers to include those within and outside the organization whose employees passes their work.

This assists employees remain focused on quality and role he or she plays to ensure achievement of quality service in an organization. The paper offers to discuss TQM of a hotel firm in the hospitality industry. Consequently, steps for implementing TQM in a selected service sector will be detailed after describing the fully identified firm.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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