Essays on Sales and Distribution Management at Ryder Truck Rental Leasing Essay

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The paper "Sales and Distribution Management at Ryder Truck Rental Leasing" is a wonderful example of an essay on marketing. Ryder Truck Rental Leasing is one of the major rental trucks leasing companies in the US which provides trucks on lease to other parties along with commercial renting. The main contributor to the business of Ryder are companies who look at leasing trucks from Ryder as they don’ t have their own fleet of trucks or requires an extra fleet of trucks during peak times. The company has been consistently growing but over the last nine months, some of the permanent customers have left the company and have started to work with their competitors due to poor service quality in the direction of trucks condition, delays, lack of coordination among the booking department, incorrect pricing mechanism and so on.

This has impacted their business and the management looks to overhaul the present condition and is looking to bring the required changes so that the business can attract their old customers and provide the edge to their services for which customers' problems are being understood.

This essay thereby looks to evaluate the same from the perspective of three sales personnel so that the best one can be identified and the style of working can be gauged which will help to understand the long term prospect of the organization. Ryder Truck Rental Leasing was facing difficulties in carrying out the normal business and retaining customers because of the inefficient sales practices which were present in the organization. The different inferences which can be made based on the case with regard to the sales management practices at Ryder Truck Rental Leasing are Inability to understand the customer and their buying habits: Ryder Truck Rental Leasing was unable to understand the customer needs and requirements and was due to improper planning on the part of the salesperson.

Despite, having customers who have been associated with the company for a long period of time the salesperson was unable to identify their buying habits which would determine the number of trucks they would require at peak seasons and provide an opportunity to prepare for the same so that customers can be satisfied shows lack of ability to understand customer needs. Failure to price the services: Ryder Truck Rental Leasing shows a lack of ability to price their services correctly which makes it difficult for the customers to gauge the actual cost for the services.

This at times results in under or over cost estimations and has an impact on the customer finances (Murray, 2010). The inability of the salesperson to calculate the final price creates doubts regarding the services and pricing which has affected the level of confidence and made customers look for other players who are able to provide a better estimate

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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