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The paper "Fire Safety Laws of the UK" is a good example of coursework on social science. In this report, fire safety laws of the UK are assessed and it is studied how the law operates internationally as it applies to the fire service. At the same time role of globalization is analyzed in affecting the legislative and substantive work of those in the fire & rescue service. Ethical considerations in the fire safety issues are identified and seen how they are dealt with in the fire & rescue service. At the end of the report summarise the role of the practitioner in a changing world environment is summarised.

The component parts of this report include a comparison of UAE law in relation to UK law, communication of community & fire safety policy in both Abu Dhabi and the UK. http: //www. communities. gov. uk/fire elaborate that the fire safety regulations in the UK are presented through strict compliance with regulatory reforms (fire safety) order 2005. This fire safety order is promulgated in England and Wales alike. While in Scotland general fire and safety are delivered through strict compliance with part three of the fire act of 2005 and fire safety regulations of 2006 as implemented in Scotland.

The municipalities and local governments have responsibility for general fire safety in all the domestic premises, as a policy matter that includes all non-domestic buildings and common housing units and blocks and flats, including houses which are occupied by multiple residents. There is a risk-based approach while dealing with fire safety issues and operations in these buildings. These issues in the UK fire safety operations include the Fire Safety in the Community, Fire Safety in Industrial Premises, and Fire Safety in Business Premises, whereas the legislation requires a responsible person to carry out a fire risk assessment, Implement appropriate fire precautions and protection measures and to maintain a fire management plan.   http: //www. warringtonfire. net gives the details these responsible persons are usually the owner of the business, the occupier of the premises, or a competent person appointed by either of the above.









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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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