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Ethics What Would Be The Dilemma And The Implications Of Such A Crime On The Individual, The Family, The Community, And Society Stealing is a crime, which affects the life of individual, family as well as the society. As per the norms of society, any kind of stealing is considered a punishable offence. Similarly, stealing food is a crime and people who are involved into this type of crime should be punishable by law because it affects the life of other people within society and community. The dilemma that is associated with the provided crime scenario is noted to be largely affecting the overall needs of family members, society and community.

Rather the basic needs of an individual and stealing for fulfilling such needs can be a serious issue as the person who is involved in this type of crime reflects on his criminal tendencies (FAO Org, 2012). However, in the provided case the purpose of stealing is to arrange the food for the family members and fulfill their basic needs, which is stated as the fundamental duty of the individual.

Therefore, in this case it is can be stated that there is a huge amount of moral underpinnings associated with the same. Thus, it is evident from the case scenario a huge amount of dilemma that is associated with meeting the basic needs of the individuals. Rather it is evident that at the ethical grounds meeting with the basic needs of the family is a fundamental duty of the individual whereas taking jurisdiction view the same is punishable before law. Hence, it could be termed that the act that is committed by the individual is noted to be ethically correct whereas the same is violating the needs of legal bindings associated with the same for the overall progression of the society as well as the community (FAO Org, 2012).

ReferenceFAO Org. (2012). Social protection of food security. Community on World Food Security, 7-95.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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