Essays on Self-Assessment of a Marketer with Particular Preference for Real Estate Sector Resume/CV

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The paper “ Self-Assessment of a Marketer with Particular Preference for Real Estate Sector” is a  motivating example of a resume on marketing. It is my plan to work as a marketer in Evergrande real estate Company. This means that I have to possess knowledge about society and consumers. I have already understood the basics of law and regulations governing real estate. The concept of Chinese real estate laws and regulations in addition to consumer protection legislation are vital to my career progression hence the need to conduct further research on the area.

These laws and regulations revolve around sections such as the development and management of the real estate, real estate administration, management of the real estate in urban centers, and numerous other laws and legislation on real estate, which will be understood by attending classroom discussion and choosing the right course. Appreciation of these legislations would help me to execute my duties within the confines of the law besides seeking expert advice on diverse issues. A brief overview of Evergrande Company society indicates that a marketer in China should have a vivid knowledge of consumer protection laws.

China has been improving consumer protection laws to create a favorable environment for competition and to make sure that consumer rights are maintained. China has been attempting to boost economic growth by enhancing domestic demand. In line with this goal, China saw it fit to improve consumer confidence since a confident consumer would be willing to spend as opposed to saving. Bearing this in mind, a marketer should desist from making a false representation that is likely to hurt consumer confidence. Regardless of how the sale of a real estate is conducted, consumers are protected from false representations.

As a marketer, I must expand my knowledge of the principles of selling properties and property law. AnalysisI have developed skills in the use of attitude surveys to understand the preference for a brand. Hamid (2002) appreciates the fact that the result of an attitude survey can provide a forecast for sales. This skill in attitude survey was gained through research, classroom discussion, and consulting family members. Looking at Evergrande, it has diversified its business to include residential property, hotel property, commercial property, tourism industry, and sports and culture sector.

This informs a marketer of the need to analyze customer needs using various tools such as in-depth interviews, focus groups, and surveys of attitude to present a product that a customer needs. Evergrande’ s strategy of breaking down customers into high-end residents, medium-and high-end residents, and the medium-end residents were informed by consumer analysis. I, therefore, need to expand my skill in the analysis by researching further on other tools including In-depth interviews, focus groups, and observational techniques. I am also proficient in the use of internal accounting and sales information systems, a skill gained through extensive reading and analyzing sales information of Evergrande.

According to Evergrande (2012), the company won the prestigious Millions of Marketing Area mainly because of the marketing strategy that satisfies the market. The company managed to maintain a sales volume of above RMB10 billion for the months of August and September 2013.   

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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