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Service Strategy in Hospitality Management Service Strategy in Hospitality Management The best description of hospitality management is as two things, a line of job and a training ground. In the sense of training, it refers to the acquaintance and identification of the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry spreads across many areas. This is like taking care of people and ensuring that they have the best time possible at a particular place and time. People train to be proper hospitality managers (Barrows, 2009). The second sense of it is as a job.

Hospitality management in this case refers to the people who spend their day-to-day lives and earn a living from working in the hospitality industry. The main purpose of this study is to identify the study fields, job descriptions and challenges in the hospitality industry and learn how to eliminate them while strategizing on improving the conditions (Hayes, 2008). Key Words: Hospitality Management, Hospitality Industry, hotel management Introduction Study Purpose The purpose of the study is to identify with the hospitality management industry, understand the type of jobs that are in the hospitality industry and ways to improve the industry.

Being such a widespread industry, there have to be many people employed by the various institutions presented to be part of the industry. On top of this factor, the study will be sure to investigate the characteristics of the industry and the various risks and challenges that loom over it. 1. Understand the curriculum of hospitality management studies and the various internship placements where the graduates attend and strategize on how to sharpen their skills as a strategy for optimal results in the job 2. Understand the general job description of a hospitality manager, stating his day-to-day activities to know how to improve the working conditions. 3.

Recognize the challenges and risks that in the hospitality management job. Moreover, there is the mention of various perquisites and characteristics and ways of eliminating them. Research Question In the area of hospitality management, what are the various jobs available, the characteristics that go with it and the way forward in improving the general industry? Research Hypothesis H1: The training undergone for hospitality management is in some major institutions such as The Cornell University School of Hotel Management (Knowles, 2009).

The courses include Restaurant Management and airline management as examples. The lecturers ensure that they set high grades for graduation to obtain the best in the industry. H2: The largest institution in the field of hospitality management is the hotel industry (Rutherford, 2009). Other than that there is the travel industry and the movie industry coming in a close second and third respectively. There is the strategy of merging the tourism and hotel industry into one big industry for optimal results (Wallace, 2009) H3: Hotel managers have the most strenuous jobs in hospitality management and go through the risks of domestic issues coming up in hotels, organization of the high-class suites for important guests and the general overseeing of the running of the many employees in the field.

The travel and movie industries have it simpler as they can delegate tasks to their juniors (Wagen, 2007). The hotel managers have to get a way of service delegation for the diversification of tasks and optimal results. Research Significance Academic Significance Despite the widespread review of management issues and the effect that they have on the basic workers, there has not been a direct research carried out on hospitality management on its own which is a very vast industry on the rise. This research will be very effective in that it will identify ways in which students can prepare for the job market and acknowledge the various challenges posed out there and thus be prepared. There has been very few studies on the qualitative matter of the hospitality management for the identification of ways in which to improve the field Previous studies only show the economic state of these industries in that only observations made are the financial situation (Hayes, 2008) Practical Significance The results obtained from the study will create new strategies that will help improve the hospitality management industry. Literature Review The Academic perspective Understanding the various institutions for training The courses undergone by the students Steps taken by the Institution faculty to improve the job sector Characters in Hospitality Management The vastness of the hospitality management industry The various players involved internally in the field Strategy of improving the largest institute of hospitality management Hospitality Management and the Hotel Industry The job descriptions in Hospitality Management Risks involved in the Hospitality and specifically hotel management Ways of improving the working conditions and the client understanding. Methodology Study Sample Secondary information will be obtained from visiting a board meeting at a Hotel Management Institution. The population in this case will involve the head of the institution and the manager of the internship hotel allied to the school The data will be obtained by having main points put down on paper Method and Data Analysis Method: Linear Method Variables: Dependent Variables: The grades obtained by students and the Income turnover of the hotel Independent Variables: Demographics.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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