Essays on SGA 1249 Assessment Task 2 - Rationale For Change Assignment

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IntroductionOrganizational change is an important aspect of business dealing which helps to keep with the evolving times. It is seen that employees on an individual basis are ready to change but when organization try to themselves on the whole it encounters huge problems which calls for measures to ensure that change is implemented successfully. (Weiner, 2009) In this evolving phase it has become imperative for organizations to change the manner in which business is conducted for their well being. The report looks into the manner an organization is benefited by having a specialist who helps to solve this problem.

Further it also looks into the reason for a change and the manner in which the change will be implemented in the organization for its successful running. Purpose of the reportTo identify what organizational change isTo identify the importance of consulting a change specialist and the benefits that accrues due to itTo identify the reason for changes and the steps which will help to achieve thoseTo develop a cost benefit analysis and a planning process to ensure effective organizational changeOrganizational ChangeOrganizational change is a process which business units alter from time to time to ensure that they are on track to achieve their goals.

(McNamara, 2008) This change could be in any direction like change in process, employees, technology or any factor that has a bearing on the performance of the organization. Organizations look forward to this so that it increases the ability of the organization to produce better result by improving the resources and abilities. This increases the efficiency and different organization look it in different ways though the crux of all remain the same.

(McNamara, 2008) Using change specialistChange in organization can be small ones and major ones. When an organization looks towards a minor change the change is accompanied within the organization by taking the staff within the organization. Structural or major changes are those which require a lot of information and hard work to ensure efficiency. To avail the maximum benefit from those organization look at external sources as they are people who have the required skills and can play a major role in shaping the manner of change. Using a change specialist help the business organization is a number of ways and also brings certain problems along with it.

Organizations need to gauge both the benefits and drawbacks and decide the manner in which change specialist can be used. Change specialist are person with “specialist knowledge and skills” (Mary, 2010) who can give the necessary impetus to the management. This can motivate the organization and their readiness to change becomes easy. Another benefit associated with change specialist is that “they review all aspect related to the change management and ensure that all corrective measures are in place”.

(Mary, 2010) This will help to deal with the worst of situation and help the organization to come out of those. Another benefit is that “they coordinate and ensure that time frame is given importance”. (Mary, 2010) This will put the task in time and ensure that the changes take place readily. Also, since they are equipped with the skills to deal with contingencies they will ensure that all measures are taken to complete the changes on time.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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