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The paper "Skill Shortage in the Hospitality Industry" is an outstanding example of an essay on business. The hospitality industry all over the world is growing rapidly. However, this industry is facing crises because some key factors which include lack of interest of people toward joining this industry as professional workers, lack of proper education regarding hospitality, and lack of skilled chefs. Australia is one of those countries, which is facing the problem of shortage of skilled chefs. Hospitality industry offering thousands of jobs every year but it is unable to fill in the required number of vacancies (Shortage of Skilled Chefs Threatens Industry's Success, 2012).

The fact is that “ the current shortage of chefs is becoming a crisis for restaurants” (Essay requirement). Managers have to rely on inexperienced employees who are unable to prepare high-quality food. The reason why Australia is facing a shortage of skilled labor is that people usually do not prefer to step into this industry as professional workers. Although they like to go out for dining, step back if they have to choose this industry as a professional field. Another reason behind the shortage is the lack of people’ s interest in hospitality.

People usually prefer to join other industries because low wage rates, long working hours, and improper work atmosphere in the hospitality industry stop people from thinking to join this industry (Eldred, 2012). Moreover, lack of proper education regarding food and cooking is also a factor that shifts the focus of people away from the hospitality industry. This is the reason why the quality of food and the number of experienced chefs is decreasing with every passing day. Apart from the crises, there exist some solutions to improve the condition of the hospitality industry.

First, the government and educational institutes need to promote this industry as they do in the case of other educational areas. They need to promote home economics as a major field of study in order to make more people join this field of study and get a proper education. The decrease in the number of quality chefs can only be overcome by preparing more chefs. Another way to overcome the crises is by reducing the number of work hours for the industry.

Currently, workers have to spend 70 to 80 hours per week on a job which is really exhausting. Managers of restaurants and hotels can reduce the number of work hours by implementing a shift system. They also need to improve the work atmosphere in order to make people feel good while on the job. Moreover, incentives, health insurance, and other benefits should also be given to the workers in order to retain key employees (Eldred, 2012). The future outlook for the industry is not very welcoming as the shortage of skilled labor is increasing with every passing day.

The problems of shortage of skilled chefs and low wage rates do not seem to be overcome soon. The government and authorities of the industry need to take corrective measures to bring the industry out of crises. Summing it up, I will say that educational institutes, government, and all concerned authorities need to pay special attention to meeting the needs of the industry in order to reduce the problems as much as possible. Although it does not seem to be done soon, corrective measures need to be applied instantly in order to decrease the intensity of the problems.


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