Essays on Skills Looked For By Employers Essay

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The paper "Skills Looked For By Employers" is a brilliant example of an essay on human resources. It is obvious that employers look past the educational qualification of an employer. The rationale for this is because being qualified for a job does not necessarily mean that one has the right skills and experience for that particular job. The employers also look for values, attitude employees who work without being supervised. I have also discovered that employers are willing to employ employees who are excellent problem solvers and analytical during the problem solving process.

According to Bright and Earl (p. 37), the other aspect that employers will look for in an employee is the leadership and management abilities of an individual, teamwork abilities are also critical in the event of problem solution. An employee that possesses these skills and values will be placed in a better position during an interview process because employers want dependable employees who can fully accomplish the requirements of the job description. I believe that I possess most of these skills because of the experience that I have had over the years.

Over the past years, I have been able to learn how to be a good problem solver through analytical and reporting skills that I gained during my research degree. I have also worked with different people in the course of my career and I have therefore practiced how to be a good team member and also inspiring in the process of problem-solving. I have a job attitude and values that I have exercised from my early childhood. I have also acquired substantial leadership required in any situation, I believe in working with people under any circumstance by using motivational skills that I have gained over time.  


Bright Jim, and Earl Joanne. What Employers Want to See and How to Say it. London: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2008.PP. 34-45.
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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